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LP on CPP’s brouhaha

In the current debate emerging from the four collaborating political parties over selection of a ticket for the next presidential election in 2023, a member party of the CPP Liberty Party says, in an unforeseeable event of a lack of consensus, a Voter’s Perception Survey (VPS) will be used to help influence an ultimate decision at primary.
A statement posted on the social media page of LP political leader, Grand Bassa County Senator NyonbleeKarnga Lawrence, notes the CPP embraces, encourages the political aspirations of all of its leaders and members, and political aspirations are healthy for the fertilization of democracy.

“What is unhealthy is the temptation to assert an individual’s political ambition over the aspirations of the collective, and the general will of our people. Our parties have therefore come together as claimants to the will of our people to unite and rescue our country from its ongoing and steady socio-economic and political decline,” it asserts.
Senator Karnga Lawrence says it is therefore to be expected that political leaders and members of the CPP will work within their political parties to strengthen their constituencies for all future competitions.

She further explains, what must be critically avoided is to lift internal competitions by which they examine one another and settle only for the best to distract their focus from the duties they owe themselves and the Liberian people – a duty to rescue the country.

“This, too, is within the spirit of the collaboration we are about to declare, and admittedly, it is healthy for our democracy. We must remain convicted to the truth that the stronger the parties in a collaborative effort, the stronger will be the collaborative outcome. The truth also is that to get to 2023, the CPP has to be tested in 2020. We must field our best and compete as one collective force in the upcoming Midterm Elections. We must win together for the Liberian people and announce a new day of doing business when the CPP senators are sworn in to represent the counties as we have promised our people that we would.”
The Liberty Party stresses winning every county is not expected to be an easy feat against a government overtaken by corruption.

However, she continues it is a duty the CPP must collectively share if they truly desire to change the direction of the country and the change does not begin in 2023, but now.
Debate over a winnable candidate for the main opposition block that comprises the Liberty Party, the former ruling Unity Party, the All Liberian Party and the Alternative National Congress hits the news when a member of the CPP, the Alternative National Congress (ANC) warns against a stage-managed process in the collaboration.

The caveat is in response to recent pronouncement by the political leader of the All Liberian Party Benoni Urey, Unity Party political leader and former Vice President Joseph NyumahBoakai, is most suited to lead the opposition bloc against President Weah in next election.

But the ANC is uncomfortable with such utterance. The party secretary general, Cllr. Aloysius Toe, reminds that ANC and its leader, Mr. Alexander Cummings have time and again, said, they will only respect and accept any results within the CPP framework that emanates from a fair, transparent and democratic process.

He notes there have been attempts by some of their colleagues in the CPP to demean, denigrate and portray the ANC and its political leader negatively thru deliberate misinformation about the party’s position on candidate’s selection process otherwise the Voters’ Perception Survey (VPS).

Cllr. Toe: This is not the first time the ANC and its political leader have been denigrated and demeaned, and ridiculed by people associated with a sister party. This has become a pattern against the ANC. The scars and losses from Cape Mount to the CPP are still fresh on our minds, all from the same people.”

According to him, the smear campaign against the ANC has been long and consistent; and the source has always been the same, but they have chosen to remain above the fray. Editing by Jonathan Browne


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