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LP Unveils 2017 Manifesto

The opposition Liberty Party or Lp has unveiled a ten point master plan Manifesto, which promises improved ECOWAS trade ties with Liberia under a Brumskine- Karnwea government in the aftermath of victory in the October 2017 polls.

The party also promises to construct a super high way linking cities and neighboring countries within six years. Locally produced agricultural products and marine resources are targeted for the sub regional trade opportunity in ensuring that country addresses the acute hardship on citizen, the manifesto has reassured.

It can be seen as a coherent political agenda with a clear cut idea of where it is taking off from and landing in time and space. “We are saying that economic transformation is possible so that poverty can be halved when privatization gets the requisite boost in infrastructure and sound leadership that stress fiscal discipline,” revealed a party insider.

The manifesto has purposively promised to address conditions that put Liberians at below a dollar a day. To this end budget allocations are going to be prudently switched from ineffectual sectors to more promising area of decentralized local service delivery working with city Mayors.

The ten point plan seeks to put the economy in the hands of Liberians using institutionalized stimulus packages that go against the existing onerous loan schemes suffocating small and medium business. Many say this is in tandem with Brumskine’s ideological bent for the Liberalization reform to take root since he served as Pro Tempore.

Health workers and Teachers are especially assured of a new lease of life when funds from unproductive allotment areas are shifted to assuaging the shocks of Ebola, according to the Liberty Party manifesto.

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