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LPRC reacts to media story

The management of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company or LPRC has seriously reacted to a front page banner headline in the Inprofile Daily,  captioned: “At LPRC, GoL Ministries, and Agencies: Mass Dismissal Looms? – Stay-Home Order Becomes a Trap”.

In a press release issued Thursday, 16 October the LPRC Administration says the paper chose to breach the ethics of the noble journalism profession by quoting a source, who noted among other things, that “the LPRC management allegedly concluded to dismiss all employees and contractors sent home on furlough due to the Ebola outbreak for what has been termed loss of revenue for management” without contacting any authorities of the Company.

The release described the publication by the Inprofile Daily as false, misleading and without any iota of truth. It said the author of the story or anonymous source is heartless and inhumane, and has engaged in such devilish scheme to instill unnecessary fear in the minds of people and families at such a critical period in the country’s history when the entire Liberia is united in fighting the deadly Ebola virus disease.

“We wish to categorically state here that at no time has there been a meeting at the LPRC to dismiss non-essential staffs who are currently at home in decongesting the workplace as part of measures in fighting Ebola,” the release said.

The LPRC Management says it cares for all its employees, contractors and cadets, as everyone continues to get his or her full salary at the end of every month irrespective of who is essential or non- essential. “The LPRC will continue to cater to its employees, contractors and cadets and has no plan to relieve or dismiss anyone in the name of “loss of revenue.”

It advised the Inprofile Daily and other media outlets to contact the entity for clarity on any information rather than “fabricating stories with the aim of sensationalizing things to achieve some selfish motives”.


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