LRA officials, staff reaffirm oath

Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) Commissioner General Elfrieda Stewart Tamba has led top officials and hundreds of employees and staff of the Authority to reaffirm their signed Oath of national duty to the country with a high standard of professionalism, integrity, accountability and transparency to duty.

According to a press release, Commissioner General Tamba and her two principal deputies for Administration and Technical Affairs, along with other top Commissioners took the Oath administered by Chief Counsel Max T. Duncan as the employees watched the scene, before they themselves also took the same Oath.

The employees solemnly reaffirmed that they will faithfully and honestly fulfill the legal and moral duties that they have assumed by reason of their employments and positions at the LRA, and that they will respect and honor the legal obligation imposed upon them concerning the confidentiality and the confidentiality of Tax Return Information under the law up to, and including their tenures.

They also vowed to remain non-partisans at all times during their tenures or period of employment, that they will resign from the Authority if desirous of canvassing for political election as proscribed in the Professional Ethics and Code of Conduct.

They also vowed to avoid giving personal opinions on government policies, which could be construed as official comments of the Authority, and that they will not grossly violate and openly ignore everything the Authority stands for; and that their contravention of all of the above is an offense, which makes them liable to penalties specified in the Code, and under the Penal Law and further qualify them for disqualification and dismissal from further service or employment with the Authority.

Commissioner General Tamba said although signed, the Oath will be administered to every staff and employee of the LRA on duties across the country, who could not form part of Friday’s (28 July) event. The Oath was administered during the 4th quarter staff meeting of 2016/2017 Fiscal Year held at the Paynesville City Hall, suburb of Monrovia.

The Oath among others, prohibits officials and employees from venturing into active politics, corruption, dishonesty and other demeaning activities that have the propensity to undermine the collection of lawful revenues for the people of Liberia. Violators of the Oath face penalties ranging from resignation, dismissal or legal prosecution.

The release says Oath-taking is a basic requirement stipulated in the Authority’s human resource handbook for employees, and every employees must sign before they commence work with the LRA.

Commissioner General Tamba encouraged officials and employees of the authority to professionally, fairly and transparently execute their respective mandates and responsibilities in ensuring the effective administration and collection of lawful revenue for Liberia.

“We have all reaffirmed the LRA Oath today, and this is a national commitment that we must stand for at all times,” she said. “We have a national duty to our Country. We are at service to Our Country and People.” Going forward, CG Tamba said every new employee of the LRA will not only sign the oath but will also take the oath before resuming duties. Press Release

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