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LRA suspends Snokri Clearing’s license

The Customs Department of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) has temporarily suspended the brokerage license of Snokri Clearing and Forwarding Inc., pending the conclusion of the broker’s License review administrative hearing.

Snokri has allegedly engaged in acts of persistent false declarations, causing the Government of Liberia to loss revenue.

According to the LRA, the action is in keeping with the Liberia Revenue Code and regulations governing the practice and conduct of customs brokers in Liberia which prohibits brokers, clearing and forwarding firms from engaging in unlawful acts that undermine revenue collection.

The LRA says lead broker and administrator of Snokri Clearing and Forwarding firm, Emmanuel Randall is currently facing investigation for conspiring with some business entities to deny the Government of Liberia of lawful taxes.

Acting as broker on behalf of a business entity (So Much To Do), Snokri Clearing and Forwarding Inc. falsely declared (three-forty-fourth “3 x 44” containers) of Castro Beer as Vinegar Malt thus attempting to deny the Government of Liberia customs duties and taxes amounting to US$ 158,967.98. AFROPA is the business believed to be the owner and operator of the warehouse intended to store falsely declared consignments.

AFROPA is also believed to be the licensed importer (franchise holder) for Castro Beer in Liberia. Their connection to this scheme is also being investigated by the LRA Customs Department.

LRA Assistant Commissioner for Compliance and Enforcement Attorney D. BlamoKofa says If found guilty, Snokri Clearing and Forwarding Inc. will be seriously penalized in accordance with law.

At the same time, the LRA Customs Department is warning the public and the business community not to do business with Snokri Clearing and Forwarding Inc. and its lead broker Emmanuel Randall pending the outcome of the ongoing administrative license review hearing.

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The LRA Customs Department calls on brokers and the public to refrain from any form of fraudulent transactions which have the propensity to undermine Government revenue, as drastic actions await would-be perpetrators.

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