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LRP laments deteriorating economy

By Kruah Thompson 

The Standard Bearer of Liberia’s Rebuilding Party (LRP) Cllr. Luther N. Yorfee is deeply concerned about the nation’s deteriorating economic trajectory, saying Liberia is undergoing a distressing backward trend. 

Speaking to this paper, the leader of the newly registered political party further laments that the Liberian economy is currently facing a disconcerting setback.

His comments come amidst mounting worries here regarding the country’s financial stability, prompting urgent calls for government action to reverse this troubling trend.

With investors and citizens facing the pinch, Liberia’s economic future hangs in the balance as the Weah administration grapples with the challenges that lie ahead.

Cllr. Yorfee acknowledges frustration by some members of his party due to the slow progress in the certification process.

Nevertheless, he expresses gratitude that the long-awaited certification has finally come to an end, and the LRP is now officially registered, fully prepared to spring into action in ensuring that its primary objective of advancing the country is achieved.

He says a LRP administration will focus on revitalizing the economy while dismissing the notion that investing solely in agriculture will solve the country’s problems.

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He emphasizes the need for a comprehensive strategy and a step-by-step approach to effectively engage in agriculture, which he considers lacking presently.

Cllr. Yorfee notes that rice is Liberia’s staple, revealing that statistics indicate the country spends over US$300 million annually on rice imports alone. 

He believes that if the country continues on this trajectory, progress will be stagnant. 

According to him, LRP aims to develop a solution to retain the 300 million in the country, stating that achieving this goal will accelerate development like never before without clearly explaining what remedy could make this possible. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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