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LRP pledges to fight corruption if elected

The Vision Bearer of Liberia Rebuilding Party (LRP), one of the newest registered political parties in the country, Cllr. Luther N. Yorfee, says if elected as President in 2023, a LRP-led government will wage war on systemic corruption to save Liberia from economic stagnation that continues to stall development.

Speaking at an intellectual discourse organized by the Center for the Exchange of Intellectual Opinions (CEIO) this week in Monrovia Cllr. Yorfee said the LRP has come to bring about the necessary change that will relieve Liberians and the nation from abject poverty and improve standard of life in the country, though he didn’t say how.

Asked whether Liberians at home and in the diaspora are opting for change of the status quo and trends of events because of global economic meltdown due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and corruption under the Weah administration, he said Liberians are indeed eager for change, but was quick to added that such change should be strategic.

 “That is, a change that will lead to a well proper national development plan to redeem the state from backwardness to prosperity”, Cllr. Yorfee explained and further promised, “We have that vision, we have that technical knowhow and stand ready to implement said vision when our party shall have won the 2023 presidential and legislative elections…”

However, he clarified that he’s only the Vision Bearer of the Liberia Rebuilding Party for now, and that when he wins the LRP primary coming up shortly, he will contest for the Presidency.

Still on plan to wage war against corrupt public figures, Cllr. Yorfee decried that for too long political parties have failed to design a comprehensive strategy to fight corruption and transform post COVID-era Liberia to nobler heights.

According to him, corruption is a major catalyst that is eating up the fabric of the society because, as he puts it, “We have been using an old system referred to as post audit and creating anti-corruption institutions to fight corruption and yet, we reneged on giving these bodies the necessary support and empower them to effectively fight this public enemy.”

The Vision Bearer said a LRP-led government will do things differently, “By devising a continual audit wherein an audit of all ministries and agencies of the government is effected daily to include internal and external audit for checks and balances, and seek to promote good governance.”

According to him, auditors that will be tasked to conduct the continual audit of the system of government under the LRP-led administration services would be based on a monthly rotational basis, so as not to have them being tempted to be corrupt during the discharge of their professional duties.

In another development, Cllr. Yorfee has frowned at the messy educational system of the country that continues to retard the progress of the youth and students due to what he calls lack of political will by past administrations and the present government to remedy the problem.

He said a LRP-led government would design a quality educational policy to improve the messy educational system and restore its pre-war status. Editing by Jonathan Browne


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