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LSA Grievance Chairman speaks on President’s removal

The Chairman of the Grievance and Ethics Committee of the Liberia Scrap Association (LSA), Mr. MC Bah has described as devilish and a complete witch hunt, the alleged action of certain members of the association claiming that LSA president Mr. Aylmer Johnson has been removed from his post.

A release from the LSA dated 30 November accused Cooper Yormie, Richard Kollie, James T. Mafarlon, Sam Yeabahn, Mohamed Konate and James Yarclay as members that are allegedly involved in the misinformation.

The release alleges that the six LSA members made the public statement in Vol. 2 Number 536 of The Hot Pepper newspaper under the banner headline: “LSA Wahala”.

The release quotes Mr. MC Bah as saying that the six LSA members claimed that the association’s president Aylmer Johnson had brought disunity to the entire association and had constantly taken decisions without consulting its membership.

The LSA release says that the pronouncement by the six LSA members has the propensity to derail the smooth operation of the association and is in contravention of the bylaws and constitution of the association.

It adds that the association’s Grievance and Ethics Committee is not aware of the action of these LSA members, adding that if the aggrieve members had any grievances they should have sought redress through his Committee.

It quotes Article IV “C” as saying all officials may be subject to impeachment by 2/3 majority vote of the Executive and Grievance and Ethics Committees of the association upon expressing their lack of confidence.

Bah says on 22 April, the Executive Committee of the LSA developed a resolution to extend the tenure of Mr. Johnson to 2020 based on prevailing situation that the association is faced with.

According to him, the resolution carried the signatures of Messrs. MC Bah, Grievance and Ethics Committee Chairman, Sam Yeabahn, Task Force Commander, Cooper Yormie, Head of Administration, Sangare Daouda, Task Force Coordinator and Aylmer Johnson, Executive Committee Chairman.
“Imagine the names given to you are of the same individuals who have broken away from the association, failing to adhere and uphold their commitment to the course of the LSA,” Mr. Johnson says.

Meanwhile, the LSA release alleges that the ringleader of the aggrieved members James Yarclay was allegedly expelled by the association on 11 November 2016 for allegedly using profanities at the association’s president. But Mr. James Yarclay has since denied the claims.


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