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LTA rides to finish line

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The Liberia National Cyclist Association, (LINCA) got a surprise sponsor that not only believed in them but showed up to urge them across the finish line on Sunday as over 30 cyclists competed for this year’s national title.

The Liberia Telecommunication Authority partnered with the Ministry of Youth and Sports to give LINCA a boost they really needed to prepare for the annual event, and LTA Chairman Angelique Weeks showed up just before they got underway.

“It’s great to see the youth involved in events like this,” she told the crowd and added, “Most of the time we focus on soccer and there is so much more we can do in other sporting areas to encourage development.”

LINCA President Jerry Freeman said the teams are so grateful to LTA, saying “They followed through and showed up to encourage us also.”

Acrobatic riders dazzled the crowd outside the SKD Stadium prior to the race.  Each county was represented by two riders in a ten lap race that took them down the S.D. Cooper Road all the way up to the Paynesville Junction and around again.

William Johnson representing Gbarpolu County emerged as this year’s winner; riders from Grand Cape Mount and Nimba counties came in second and third.

The LTA Commissioners are getting ready for senate confirmation hearings later this month. Confirmation for Chairman Weeks will mean four more years at the helm of Liberia’s regulatory authority, the Weeks Commission took office in 2009.

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