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“Ludicrous” – Sen. Nyenpan describes Rep. Snowe

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaSinoe County Senator Mobutu Nyenpan has described as preposterous and ludicrous, the recent comments in the press attributed to Montserrado County District #6 Representative, Edwin Snowe, calling on legislators and other officials of the government critical of the handling of the Ebola fight, to shut up or resign from the government.

In a prèss statement issued in Monrovia Thursday evening, Senator Nyenpan said that while Representative Snowe has a right to express his views on prevailing national issues, it is totally out of his domain to direct the actions of others.

“We are separate but coordinate branches of government; we must keep a critical check on each other so as to ensure that excesses or failure are identified and corrected”, said the Sinoe lawmaker, who won on the ticket of the Alliance for Peace and Democracy. He cautioned that at this critical juncture of the country,  no one should encourage the culture of silence as the wellbeing of the state is a collective responsibility.

“As members of the same team, it behooves us to be critical of ourselves whenever there are shortcomings, which are contributing to the loss of lives of citizens,” he said. According to him, while they as national leaders concede that progress has been made on some fronts, it is about time to finding improved alternative approaches for the well-being of the motherland.

Nyenpan lamented that it is sycophantic and perhaps intended to appease the power –that-be for anyone to suggest that government officials critical of the shortcomings of the fight against Ebola are not supportive of the government.

He urged those in the forefront of the Ebola fight to take note of the criticism from all quarters and improve on the handling of the crisis. “We are confident that with critical insights, collective efforts and with the support of the international community, Liberia will win this war against Ebola”, the senior senator concluded.

On September 10, 2014, Rep. Snowe described criticisms of some of his colleagues in the House of Representatives against the government as reckless, irresponsible and foolish.

“It is reckless, irresponsible and foolish for some of my colleagues in the Legislature to be badmouthing this government that they are part of; interestingly, at the end of every month, they rush to the bank for salaries and other benefits, and yet they sit here and say all kinds of negative things about the administration”, Snowe retorted.

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