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LUSA president applauds GOLSAO

-for transparent election

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The President of Liberia University Students Association or LUSA, Darius S. Toweh has applauded members of the Good Legacy Social Athletes Organization (GOLSAO) for conducting peaceful, transparent, and credible elections.

“We want to applaud the leadership of GOLSAO for demonstrating true sense of patriotism, and for conducting peaceful and transparent elections”, said Toweh.

According to him, the attitude exhibited by young people is welcoming, stressing a need for emerging organizations to follow the footsteps of GOLSAO.

“We are quite aware of the conflict and chaos that are associated with election process in our country, but to sit and witness a peaceful, transparent, and credible elections being conducted by young people, it speaks volume which means our democracy is growing”.

He reminded the officers-elect as they take mantle of authority to spearhead the organization to perform to the expectations of those who entrusted them with leadership, saying, “The road that leads to success begins with the way and manner in which we handle the little opportunities that are given to us.”

The LUSA president called on young people across the country to see themselves as the future generation Liberia depends on in terms of development and growth.

“Today, I want to encourage you my fellow young people, upon taking office there will be distraction; there will be huge criticism but you have to be focused, and determined if you must succeed.”

For his part, president-elect Emmanuel Juduh described his victory as a new day for GOLSAO, adding that the trust placed in him to serve the organization for second term in office will be translated into taking GOLSAO to higher height.

He said it was by no mistake that he was reelected by his colleagues, saying “today my re-election isn’t about my strength but it’s about the passion, and the dedication including the trust that some of you have in me, but I will not let you down.”

Juduh reminded that it was about time members of the organization put their various differences aside, and work together for growth now that politics was over.

He said one of the cardinal reasons behind the establishment of the organization is to give hope to young people by bringing them together to share ideas on promoting peace for the good of Liberia.

“we will need the full support of every member, despite I’m the president, I want to encourage all of us to put in time, and work together as a team for us to achieve our goals and visions”, he concluded.

By Lewis S. Teh–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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