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Lutheran Church on Ebola awareness

The Lutheran Church of Liberia has embarked on an awareness campaign against Ebola and malaria in Liberia. The awareness, which started two weeks ago across the country, is to educate Liberians on Ebola preventive tips. The director of the Lutheran Church malaria program, Dr. Morris Harris, told this paper that most people are dying because of fear and the culture denial.

Therefore, the Lutheran Church of Liberia is carrying out the exercise to inform Liberians that Ebola is real and should not be mistaken for malaria. Dr. Harris also said that most people get sick and refuse to go to hospital because they are afraid of being tested for Ebola. “Liberians are dying of malaria and other sicknesses rather than Ebola”, he added.

At the same time, the LCL is calling on the public not to hide any sick person in the community, warning that it is better to take them to the hospital then to hide them. The church also warned Liberians to avoid the bodies of people that died of unknown sickness.  

Dr. Harris said malaria and Ebola have similar symptoms, so it is better to go to the hospital whenever anyone is not feeling well, stressing that malaria kills, so Liberians should not focus only on Ebola and be dying of simple and curable diseases like malaria or headache.

He also clarified that suspected Ebola cases and confirmed Ebola cases are not placed in the same area, saying because it is the fear of most Liberians and that is why they are refusing to go to the hospital.

Dr. Harris said the Government has put some mechanisms in place that, if a person is suspected of Ebola, he or she will be in the holding center and if someone is confirmed of the Ebola virus, the patient will be placed in the isolation center.

VIRDEMA Intensifies Ebola Awareness in Virginia Township

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In the wake of the increasing Ebola related deaths within the Township of Virginia, especially the Banjor community in Lower Virginia, the Virginia Development and Management Association, VIRDEMA has intensifies its Ebola Awareness and prevention Campaign.

The campaign began since the past two weeks in the Township, and was intensified on yesterday August 26, 2014 beginning with the Beverly Hills community in Lower Virginia. Residents, including children came out of their homes to embrace the campaign team as many that came in contact with the team give their unflinching support.

The simple message that dominated the campaign was “Ebola is Real” and that it was important for communities and residents to take preventive steps in helping government contain the virus thus stopping its spread. Residents were thought on how to use the items that were distributed by the team and echoed that washing of hands was an important aspect in the prevention of the decease.

Leading the Team during the campaign was the Chairman of the Advisory Council of VIRDEMA, Rev. Dr. Geaoge Zorbah who during most part of the campaign presented small group lectures to community residents and as well provided leadership and direction as Mr. Ellington Y. Harmon who serves as Secretary of the organization and assisted by the organization’s CEO, Mr. Chealy Brown Dennis both passed the campaign message and hang flyers.

Items distributed during the campaign included buckets, gloves and nose masks and were items donated to VIRDEMA by concerned individuals and Members of the Virginia Township.

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