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LWSC cautions against illegal water connection

The Public Relations Officer at the Liberia Water and Sewer Cooperation or LWSC Mr. Joe Kaba is calling on Liberians to stop the illegal water connections in and around Monrovia.

Speaking to this paper on Monday, 29 May, Mr. Kaba complained that illegal water connection is causing damages and shortages in the main water lines here.
“Water theft is one problem we are facing; people do a lot of illegal connections, they steal the water too much, Liberian people do not like to do things the right way”, he claims.

Residents and marketers down Waterside have been complaining against the LWSC, regarding a burst line that they say has been causing problem for them. Sellers down Waterside say they “feces water” is making the market area uncomfortable for them.

But the LWSC official says the main sewer line at Water and Merchline Streets which has many other lines connected to it, gets damaged from so many illegal connections. He has however promised that the water issue will get back to normal as soon as possible.

Mr. Kaba complains that every year during the raining season, LWSC faces a serious problem with the line in question due to the rainfall. According to Mr. Kaba, the heavy rainfall bursts the line, creating problem for the people that are selling and living in the area.

The LWSC officials says this is not the first time that such problem arises in the area, narrating that over the years it was put under control. But he says the problem has reoccurred.

“We will go there with a truck to flush the water out so that the people can do their businesses in a conducive environment”, he says.Mr. Kaba has urged Liberians to stop making illegal connections, and announced the LWSC’s hotline 5972 through which he wants people to report anyone caught stealing water.
Ethel A. Tweh-Edited by Winston W. Parley

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