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Major leadership restructure at UL

In consultation with relevant authorities, major shake-ups within the hierarchy of the University of Liberia (UL’s) academic and administrative areas have been announced by UL president Rev. Dr. Julius Sarwolo Nelson as part of efforts to reorganize, realign and readjust the system for the management of the University.

Announcing the decision recently at a joint Council and Senate meeting at the University, Dr. Nelson said performance in the various assigned areas will be very significant, cautioning that there will be evaluations in the future.

Dr. Nelson has asked UL Vice President for Administration Prof. Weade Kobbah – Boley to transition to the position of Vice President for Institutional Development and Planning as of 1 February, while the Vice President for UL Relations Atty. Norris L. Tweah supervises the office of the Vice President for Administration until the transition takes place.

He notes that he needs to find a Vice President for Administration from outside while Prof. Boley is transitioning to the Institutional Development to ensure that the concept of getting the University Village becomes the new dimension with UL’s work.

Dr. Nelson also asks Prof. Sekou Konneh to serve as UL Vice President and Dean of Students Affairs, further disclosing that following consultations on the situation at the College of Science and Technology, Prof. James McClain has been asked to be the new Acting Dean of the College of Science and Technology.

“Our consultation continues with lots of other processes, both administrative and academic for the reorganization, realignment and readjustment for the management of the University of Liberia. Let me also indicate that the grandfather or grandmother promotion clause will be completed very soon,” he says.

According to Dr. Nelson, he heard from UL Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Moses Zinnah that the various units have given him the information that UL has been waiting for, saying very soon they will get to the president’s office and promotions will be made as a way to climax all of the one – time promotion possibilities.

Beyond that point, Dr. Nelson says promotion will be through the process established by the Faculty Senate at the University of Liberia, expressing joy to present individuals in various areas for the University Family’s recognition and transformation of the institution after many consultations and discussions to move the University to the next level.

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“Your performance in these various assigned areas will is very significant because there will be evaluations as we go into the future,” he says.

“I am depending on you for all the different consultations and different responsibilities I am giving to you. I pray, I trust, I hope that all of us will work together for the upliftment of the University of Liberia,” Dr. Nelson adds.

He indicates that there will be others that will come, but the ones named during the meeting are the ones that are completed and most of them will come into effect 1 February.
Pending the blessing of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Nelson indicates that Prof. Dr. Moses Zinnah is serving as UL’s Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs.

In other appointments, Dr. Nelson has asked former Information Minister Mr. Cletus Sieh to serve as an Executive Associate in the office of the University president, responsible for reform and coordination in that office.

Prof. Geegbae A. Geegbae is asked to serve as the Director for the MBA, MPH programs at the Graduate School; while Prof. Dr. Josephus Gray is asked to be the Acting Dean of Liberia College.

Further, Dr. Nelson has asked Mr. Clifford Younge to serve as the Acting Dean in the College of General Studies; Prof. Leroy Singbe to serve as Dean of the College of Agriculture and Forestry and Mr. Flomo Stevens to serve as the Associate Dean of Students, replacing Mr. John Davis who was retired.

Additionally, he asks Mrs. Kula Fofana to serve as the Assistant Dean for Students at the Straz Sinje College in Grand Cape Mount County; Prof. Tom Chea to serve as Dean of the A. Romeo Horton College of Business and Public Administration and Mr. Robert Weah to work closely with Dr. Zinnah in the Academic Affairs office as the Academic Coordinator.

Dr. Nelson announces that Mr. Michael Seator will be given the full right now as chairperson of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, while former Montserrado Rep. Prof. Richmond Anderson has been asked to serve as chairperson in the Department of Political Science.

He says he has asked Coach Kadalac Kromah to come on a consultancy as director of sports at the University of Liberia in preparation to change the way sporting activities are done at the University to make it an income generating activity.

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