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Make Ebola promises/assurances practical

The fight against the deadly Ebola virus disease may just currently be at its highest peak in the wake of a number of interventions. The disease may have overwhelmed the Liberian health care system because of the weakness, ignorance, unpreparedness, as well as un-necessary bureaucracies, among others, especially during the second outbreak of the disease. Amid all of these shortcomings, a number of interventions, especially by the Liberian Presidency also help to reinvigorate our resistance to the disease. Such interventions also stimulated the holistic and continuous awareness/sensitization campaign that has, to a great extent; already diminishes disability in certain quarters of our population.

However, there are a number issues that the Government of Liberia and the partners must now move to quickly address and make practical, if the we must succeed in the shortest possible time against the deadly Ebola disease, even though President Sirleaf had already issued an assurance to health workers.. These issues include protective gears in huge quantities, incentives, salaries, as well as transportation, among others.

We do agree “hundred percent” that the President did speak to the foregoing issues, in terms of address them, but the immediacy and practical aspect of such assurance continue to be of great concern. This concern is being raised against the backdrop of the scaring behavior of most health workers towards suspected Ebola patients either on the field or designated center(s) for treatment. The issue of the lack of care and concern for Ebola victims or suspected patients by health workers continues to be raised on radio stations and newspaper articles. It is no secret that most of the deaths caused by Ebola may be a result of either poor care for victims/patients and lack of adequate food supplies.

Interestingly, the foregoing continues to be attributed to the absence of protective gears to directly engage Ebola patients. And if such situation continues to persist in the fight against the disease, Ebola will continue to inflict more casualties on the nation. This is why we continue to emphasize practical measures, including and most especially, the availability of protective gears, incentives and other logistics for health workers so that there will be no excuse for anyone serving humanity and the nation.

While the efforts of President Sirleaf must be appreciated, the Minister of Health and his lieutenants at the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare must rise above all forms of weaknesses and un-necessary bureaucracies ensure practical  steps toward victory over Ebola by ensuring the provision/delivery of all supplies and incentives to health workers. With them, of course, Ebola may just have “field days” until otherwise ordered.

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