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Make education lifeline priority

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An American-based Liberian prelate, Rev. Dr. Patrick F. Taylor, urges the Government of Liberia to invest in primary education for the future of the country and its youth.

“If we must eradicate problems of the 15 years of civil unrest that took place in this country, then the government must see education as a lifeline priority for the future of the youth”, he recommends.

Reverend Taylor made the call at the formal launch of the Borbor Taylor Education Foundation for underprivileged kids. The ceremony was held over the weekend at the God’s Glory Pentecostal Church in Paynesville outside Monrovia.

Speaking to reporters following the launch, Dr. Taylor says the proposed the foundation is in recognition of his late father, who didn’t have an opportunity to sit in classroom to acquire formal education, but was passionate about his children getting education to sustain themselves.

He notes the foundation is his father’s vision, who wanted to make sure his own children and every other child get an education. Dr. Taylor continues that as a result of this vision, he get involved in providing educational materials to less fortunate kids, so it is against this backdrop the foundation was launched.

“Our vision and mission is impacting lives through education, and the reason for this vision is because education has changed our lives; if it wasn’t for education, my brothers and I wouldn’t have been able to continue this vision of our father.”

He says education is among Liberia’s many problems. “We need to do away with illiteracy, if people get the real education they need most, the problem here in Liberia would not have been huge; citizens’ action will change; they will now see things from different perspectives.”

Dr. Taylor notes the education system of Liberia lacks policies and needed support to improve the system.

“And our government has forgotten to know that education is a priority of the world, but here it’s downplayed.”

At the same time Reverend Taylor discloses the foundation has provided 40 scholarships to underprivileged kids and youths in Montserrado County, explaining that out of the 40 scholarships, 21 beneficiaries are from elementary to high school, some of whom are attending the Candle Light Academy, besides 10 college students four of who are in Philippines while six are attending universities in Liberia, including the University of Liberia, African Methodist Episcopal University, United Methodist University, and Smyth Institute, among others.

Meanwhile, one of the beneficiaries from the A.M.E. University on Camp Johnson Road, Monrovia Ms Miatta Fallah, expresses sentiments to the Borbor Taylor Foundation for the gesture being provided under- privileged youth in the country.

“The launch of this foundation is remarkable; for a group of Liberians to travel abroad and come back to invest their resources in education is something that needs to be commended by not only the beneficiates, but national government”, she underscores.

The education system here is faced with numerous challenges, including staff, infrastructure, learning facilities, and low performance among students.
US-based Liberian clergy urges government

By Lewis S. Teh –Editing by Jonathan Browne

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