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Make Education strong pillar for nation building

-school proprietor urges government

The proprietor of O’ Nance International Christian School in Paynesville outside Monrovia, Aaron J. Wheagar, urges the Government of Liberia and it partners to make Education a strong pillar for nation building.

“The corruption in our country today, is at the result of the corruption in our educational system, and if we must do away with all of the hardships, corruption and other things that pull us down as a nation then it’s important that we make education a very strong pillar for our nation building”, he emphasizes.

Mr. Wheagar made the call over the weekend at the fourth circle graduation of the Intensive Teacher’s Training Institute (ITTI) in Paynesville, awarding C Certificates to 150 candidates.
He continues that if Liberia should get on the right trajectory in terms of development, investment in the educational sector must be prioritized.

He notes the sector is at a critical juncture, and to get it on par with neighboring countries, stakeholders should rethink in making education a strong pillar in building a better Liberia.
Speaking on the topic; Teachers: Builders of National Foundation, Mr. Wheagar says building a strong nation is the same as building a house with so many professionals, adding that the progress of any nation depends on its people, because they are the foundation on which a nation stands.

He notes that great countries that are being admired in the world today are great because of contributions of their citizens, saying, “You teachers are the foundation of any nation, and 90% of all leaders in any nation passed thru the hands of teachers.” He describes teaching as a noble profession, because teachers make great impact on the lives of students by impacting education.

Wheagar calls on the graduates to serve as light for the next generation, saying, “You teachers help to shape the mindset of a nation and as such you must put in quality time and efforts to prepare students to take up leadership.”

The Director of the Intensive Teachers Training Institute, Dr. Janjay G. Swen says, the ITTI is a recognized institution committed to training teachers to shape the future of the country thru education.
“Our goal is to train teachers who will go out and impact knowledge into students across the country, and we are hoping that the 150 students we put out will do their best in their various classrooms for the betterment of this country”, says Dr. Swen.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Director for Administration at the ITTI, J. Yohyah N. Salwah recounts that it all started when group of thinkers from the Apostolic Faith Church in Gaye Town, Old Road took the lead by putting their ideas together with the help of others to establish the Intensive Teachers Training Institute.

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He discloses that the institute opened its doors to the public in 2012, but can’t do it alone, calling on the government thru the Education Ministry to invest in teachers training for the betterment of Liberia. By Lewis S. Teh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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