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Man, 32, commits suicide

Thirty-two years old Prince R. Balleh, resident of Logan Town sat in his living room and took his own life to the dismay of colleagues and neighbors.

The late Ballah, according to a female family source, had warned his girlfriend not to go to a local bar, Two Nations Entertainment Center around Bong Mines Bridge on Bushrod Island. But the fiancé reportedly ignored the advice. The source further narrates the late Balleh then threatened to kill himself, if his lover left the house to go outing or have fine time with friends.

According to the source, at about 4:00AM on Monday, occupants of the house in which Ballah lived specifically, Quiah Street Community, alarmed that he has hung himself in the sitting room.

The deceased reportedly tied the rope he hanged himself with one of the round polls in the house, climbed on an empty gallon to commit the act. She lamented that Ballah was too young to have taken away his own life simply because of jealousy, noting that the deceased has left a serious stigma and also shamed the family in Logan Town community.

However, some community dwellers claimed the deceased was a notorious criminal and had been allegedly involved in series of burglary at private homes, stealing valuables and money.
According to them, the death of Ballah has brought great relief to residents of the community, who for several years have had sleepless nights in the hands of the deceased and his associates.

They added that with the demise of Ballah, residents can now sleep in peace and have niece dreams because their attacker is no more alive. The deceased was on Monday interred at the Caldwell cemetery, outside Monrovia. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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