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Man, 40, charged with murder

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The Liberia National Police have charged and send to court a 40 years old man identified as Augustine Kanneh for circumstantial murdering his colleague identified as ArmahKiadii aka YekehKolubah in Bomi County.

“That in violation of chapter 14, subchapter A, section 14.1 of the revised penal law of the Republic of Liberia, defendant Augustine Kanneh was arrested, acquainted with his miranda right, investigated and subsequently charged with his circumstantial murder, for this involvement into the death of ArmahKiadii, whose unconscious body was discovered by him, at his post of assignment within the fence of the lone star POS in Tumba Bury, Bomi county during the early morning of August 2, 2020 at about 0300hrs,” the Police charge sheet details.

The police explained that during the investigation conducted, it was established that the deceased was private security guard and employed with the Lone Star Cell GSM company stationed in Grand Cape Mount County noting that the deceased was responsible for the monitoring supply of fuel oil delivery to various Lone Star cell towers with in Bomi, Grand Cape Mount andGbarporlu Counties region.

The Police continues that suspect SidikeKonneh, Roland S. Quaye and Clarence Geeplay work with the Nexium Petroleum supply Agency, when to distribute fuel supplies in the locations with in those regions that the late Kiadii supervise while suspect Augustine Kanneh is also a private security guard for the Protect Co Agency, assigned at the Lone Star point of sales in Tubman Burg where the incident occurred.

It was established that the three individuals; SidikeKonneh, Roland S. Quaye and Clarence Geeplay departed Monrovia on their tanker with approximately 3, 000 gallons of fuel on Saturday August 1, about 1100hrs, and began supplying on the their way while going in Clay regions and got to Tubman Bury city at night time and they slept,” the police charge sheet narrated.

The Police further explained that on Sunday of August 2, the tanker had a mechanical fault and the whole day was used for the serving the fault that was on the tanker.

The Police disclosed that on Monday August 3, the three operators on the tanker alone with late ArmahKiadii left Tubman Bury for Robert sport, Grand Cape Mount county to continue the distribution of the fuel but returned to Tubman Bury at late night hours and they to sleep in order to continue journey the next day.

“Following the day and unfortunately ArmahKiadii was discovered unconscious in the Lone Star POS fence, where he went to sleep with the security assigned at the POS security Augustine Kanneh. The police in Tubman Bury was alerted by the three occupants of the truck that went to distribute fuel about situation and the police move in at the scene and observed that the victim was still alive; the police than instructed the victim be taken at the hospital,” the police mentioned.

The police charge sheet notes that the late ArmahKiadii was taken at the Bomigoverent hospital by his colleagues for treatment where the victim was observed with faces in his garment.

According to the police, the late ArmahKiadii friends were asked by health practitioners on duty to clean their colleagues before him could be admitted for treatment, which his friends did.

“He was later referred to the JFK hospital for further treatment but reportedly began convulsing on the way at which time the family returned with him to the Bomo hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival by doctors on call, after pronouncing Kiadii dead, the family his mortal remains to their home town in Vonzula, GolaKonneh District, Grand Cape Mount county where the homicide Team from Monrovia met the body and conducted external or physical examination on the body, which revealed that the victim sustained a wounded at the crown of his head and the family requested for the body for internment on the basis of their religious background,” The LNP explained.

The Police lamented that suspect Augustine Kanneh was the only person who claimed he saw the victim going at the back, heard the victim screaming and discovered the victim lying on the ground unconscious, when he pointed his flash light before alerting his other colleagues.

The Police further mentioned that the medical death certificate obtained from the Tubman Bury government hospital dated August 4, indicated that the death is due to blunt trauma consequences to internal bleeding and cardiac arrest, which suggest foul play.

“In view of the forgoing circumstances coupled with witnesses account, this investigation has resolved to charge suspect Augustine Kanneh with circumstances murdered, in violation of chapter 14, subchapter A, section 14.1 of the penal code of the Republic of Liberia, pending trial by the court,” the police charged sheet concluded.

By Ben P. Wesee

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