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Rural News

Man, 50, Drowns in Creek

A 50-year old man is reported to have drowned while on a fishing expedition in a little creek on Saturday in Zleh Town, Grand Gedeh County.  Police has told this paper that there was investigation ongoing.

According to correspondent Johnson Sharty in the region, the deceased Joe Gould usually used palm thatches to built water fence for fish, but then this time around, there were no details as to what really went wrong. Johnson said the late Gould who used such primitive fishing method, was escorted to the creek by a 14 year old boy known as Refugee.

Refugee told this paper in Zleh Town that he left the old man (Joe) after checking his  water and headed to the second when he realized that old man Gould could not be seen.

“I went back only to see that my father floating on top of the water, but I tried much I could to pull him out but to no avail as it was too late to save his life. In the process, I left his body on shore and went back to town to call some family people,” said the dejected 14-year old.

Refugee said it was the family members who removed or brought Joe’s body on shore, but he could not get over what really went wrong with his father. 

“He was physical fit and there was nothing on him to show that he was someone who was sick,” he wondered. The minor strongly expressed the belief that there could have been a foul play in his father’s death.

In another development, a number of pregnant Ivoirian refugee women are reported to have given birth by the roadside, while flee to Liberia from the current fighting in Cote d’Ivoire. Our correspondent said out of the 200 arrivees on Sunday, an uncounted number of them  gave birth at various road sides as they explained unbearable conditions in the process.

One of the women told our reporter that she and her colleagues needed medical attention before it got too late for them. According to our correspondent, many of the new comers were supporters of the incumbent president Laurent Gbagbo, one of the claimants of the disputed poll in Cote d’Ivoire.

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