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Man arrested in Sinkor for theft

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A man only identified as “Arab Man” was early Tuesday morning, 12 March arrested in Fiahma, Sinkor, after he and some suspects allegedly burglarized the home of a lady in Saye Town and stole money and some item.

Information gathered by this paper indicates that suspect Arab Man was arrested while he was taking refuge in the bedroom of his grandmother.

Arab Man and his collaborators, according to information, entered the home of an unnamed lady and allegedly stole several valuables including Laptop computer, flat screen television, stereo set, and LRD$10,000, among others.

An eyewitness, who did not want to be named alleges that he saw Arab Man around the early morning hours of Tuesday with some other suspects hurriedly leaving the crime scene.

Before he could come outside, the anonymous witness says the suspects fled the scene.

According to the witness, Arab Man has and continues to allegedly rob ordinary people living in the Sinkor community with impunity.

In an effort to retrieve some alleged stolen items from suspect Arab Man, the leader of Zogos (wayward folks) in the Fiahma area identified as Man Devil was contacted by the victim and security officers to assist in tracing the accused.

However Man Devil is said to have been led by the victim’s relatives on two motorbikes to certain part of Airfield, Sinkor, but the suspect was not found.

Following phone call with the accused by Man Devil, the suspect is said to have disclosed that he was at his Saye Town residence.

He was subsequently arrested.

Under severe pressure from the arresting officers, suspect Arab Man is said to have disclosed where he and his accomplices were keeping materials stolen from the victim.

But he allegedly refused to submit the items. He was therefore taken to the police depot in Airfield where he was charged with theft of property and ordered detained, pending court trial.

According to a police criminal investigator at the depot, the suspect has been arrested on several occasions, charged, and sent to jail for robbing his victims of their hard – earned properties and monies.

When Arab Man was contacted by our reporter, he denied stealing the victim’s properties as being alleged.
By Emmanuel Mondaye –Edited by Winston W. Parley

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