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Man Beaten to Death on Nimba in Suspected Love Affairs

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Police in Nimba County have arrested two of six suspects for allegedly beating a 50-year-old man to death in Buu-Yoa District, after they accused him of loving to one of their colleague’s wife. Four of the suspects are said to be on the run, while the victim has reportedly been buried.

The NewDawn Nimba Correspondent said five of the suspects have been identified as Peterson Dahn, 36; Prince Dahn, 48; Aaron Zuo, 23; Ericson Beah, 29, and Alex Johnson. Those arrested by the police have been detained, pending court trial.

The six accused allegedly conspired and flogged the victim to death after they had gone to his village which is about 46 kilometers’ walk. They had earlier gathered in a nearby village prior to the incident and designed the strategy to eliminate the late Matthews as a means of ending the alleged love affair between him and the woman whose name hasn’t be disclosed.

The victim was allegedly killed right in front of his wife identified as Annie Dahn. The suspects had requested the late Matthew Duo to come along with them out of the village to discuss important news.

After they had walked a distance from the village, Matthew was queried on his alleged extra relationship with one of the wife of one of the suspects, is said to have denied, which prompted the men to beat him to death.

Our correspondent said the six men, who allegedly committed the act subsequently fled the village after the deceased’s wife noticed that her man has been attacked and murdered.

This brings to two the number of murders in the county in two years. It can be recalled that a 48-year-old classroom teacher in Zahn Clan, in Electoral District #8 was similarly flogged to death by a group of young men.

According to the report, the late Saye Wonyan Clay and his wife were in confusion prior to his death, which prompted the woman to have left the town and returned to her parents’ home in the same district.

An eyewitness told our correspondent that while the late Saye Wonyan Glay was on his way to his wife’s home, he allegedly came across a group of young men, who attacked and killed him in the center of the road.

Family sources told our correspondent that some of the suspects earlier arrested, were subsequently set free by the court after they had allegedly bribed the local authorities.

At the recent opening of the November term of court in Sanniquellie, Nimba County, the Assistant County Attorney, who just took up assignment there, told reporters that he has observed that more people, who take cases to court, don’t follow up on those cases.

Attorney G.T. Harris Wowoah stressed the need for those who carry cases to the court follow up on them in line with the judicial process. Attorney Wowoah however said he could not name any of those cases because he was not in the country when they were registered.

He also emphasized the need for three or four courts in the country to expedite the adjudication process to help reduce the load of cases on the docket.

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