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Man complains wife to police for company money

A Mauritanian national here Hamadou Fou has complained his wife Evelyn Lurzeh to the Liberia National Police (LNP) for allegedly taking away US$7,100.00 which he says belongs to his company Ecoma Mauritania.

When contacted Thursday, 12 July via mobile phone on the allegation, Ms. Lurzeh, a Liberian, said she took an unspecified amount of money from her husband Mr. Fou because he has become secretive in his business after she allegedly struggled with him for years.

But in a statement written by Mr. Fou on 9 July to police, he says he withdrew US$7,100.00 from Ecoma Mauritania’s account as a Director with the purpose of shipping the company’s container.

He told police that he did the withdrawal because he could not complete the payment process at the shipping line due to increased shipping fees.

“While the cash was kept in my room, my wife in person of Evelyn Lurzeh broke in my grape and stole the seven thousand and one hundred United States (US$7,100.00) and got away on Friday morning July 6, 2018,” Mr. Fou complains.

He says since Ms. Lurzeh walked out that morning, she has not returned. Mr. Fou notes that he has communicated with his wife and confronted her about the money and she confirmed taking it away.

He claims that Ms. Lurzeh also confirmed to police that she took away the money, but she allegedly refused to return the money despite his effort in persuading her.

For her part, Ms. Lurzeh says she is taking the money for her benefit because she has suffered with Mr. Fou when he was struggling, accusing him of no longer telling her anything about his earnings.

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She says her action is also due to her husband’s family’s alleged pressure on him to get a Muslim wife, adding that Mr. Fou does not send her to school. Ms. Lurzeh accuses Mr. Fou of allegedly taking away their four children, adding that she has told her husband that she will not return until she is satisfied. When also contacted on Ms. Lurzeh’s claims, Mr. Fou denied being pressured by his family to marry a Muslim woman.

He notes that he has their five children with him at home, instead of four children mentioned by his wife Ms. Lurzeh. Mr. Fou says he supports the family without discrimination, lamenting that the money she took away is a company money.

By Winston W. Parley

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