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Man dupes customers inside banking halls

Police in Monrovia have charged suspect Daniel Wilson for allegedly carrying out a duping spree using counterfeit United States Dollars to persuasively exchange fake money with customer’s real money inside banking halls at different commercial banks here since 2018.

A police charge sheet explains how defendant Wilson successfully executed his duping missions at Ecobank Liberia and the International Bank Liberia Limited (IBLL) on separate occasions, allegedly stealing thousands of US Dollars real cash from three victims in exchange for counterfeit bills in banking halls.

According to police, victim Jomah Z. Kollie, a resident of Paynesville visited Ecobank’s head office on 11th Street, Sinkor on 22 December 2018 and withdrew from his account US$2,000.

While victim Kollie was still within the banking hall, police reveal that defendant Wilson immediately approached the victim, asking to be assisted with pieces or small bills of United States Dollars in exchange for big bills.

Accordingly, victim Kollie suddenly got persuaded by defendant Wilson and turned over to the defendant the amount of US$1,200 real cash in the 20s denominations in exchange of counterfeit US$1,200 in fake hundred bills.

Following the alleged transaction with victim Kollie, suspect Wilson is alleged to have hurriedly left the banking hall before the victim realized he had been duped.

Further, defendant Wilson allegedly entered IBLL on Broad Street, convinced victim Ridso O. Duo that he (Wilson) wanted to exchange US$1,000 for LRD$158,000 at the rate of US$1.00 to LRD$158.00.

Police say victim Duo accepted Wilson’s request, but discovered later that the money he received from the accused was a counterfeit.

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Additionally, victim Boarkarie S. Fatomala told police that while he was at Ecobnak’s head office on 11th Street, Sinkor in February 2019, he was asked by defendant Wilson to assist him to exchange US$600.00 in the denomination of 100s bills.

Victim Fatomala says he gave defendant Wilson US$600 in 20s bills in exchange for the US$600 provided by the accused in 100s bills.

But victim Fatomala says when he took the money to GN Bank in Sinkor, he was informed by the bank employees that all the money he had was fake.

Defendant Wilson was arrested on Tuesday, 12 March following the incidents outlined and charged with theft of property and counterfeiting.

He has been sent to court, pending trial.
By Winston W. Parley

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