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Man jailed for impregnating daughter

A court in Fish Town, River Gee County, southeast Liberia, has convicted a rapist and sentenced him to five years imprisonment after admitting to impregnating his 15 –year old “step-daughter.”

The resident circuit Judge in Fish Town, George W. Smith, gave convict Charles Nyanforhthe five-year sentenceafter a plea bargaining entertained by the court in which the defendant pleaded guilty and begged for lesser penalty.

The convict will serve his prison term at the Zwedru Correction Palace in Grand Gedeh County, also in the southeast. River Gee County Attorney,Wesseh A. Wesseh, told The NewDawn Monday afternoon that the victim explained how her step-father had been having sexual intercourse with her since last December under threat that she would die if she told anyone.

The 15-year old rape victim is said to be the daughter of convict Nyanforh’s spouse, and he allegedly told the court that he was fooled by the devil into raping the teenage girl. Attorney Wesseh said the victim narrated how her step-father Nyanforh encouraged her to lie on someone else about her pregnancy instead of exposing him, when she finally informed him that she was carrying his pregnancy.

The victim, who is said to be five months pregnant, reportedly narrated that she refused to take such advice from the convict on grounds that she had not had sex with anyone except her mother’s husband, and therefore, reported him.

Last Friday, the convict, who hails from Jakaken Town,Chedepo District in River Gee, admitted to the indictment for statutory rape of his step-daughter before prosecutors advanced the case on the trial docket to be heard speedily due to the victim’s condition.

Attorney Wesseh said this is a second rape case won by prosecutors in the county in one term, with both convicts found tohad issued death threats against their “step-daughters” before raping them. Early this month, Attorney Wesseh told this paper that a rape convict Emmanuel K. Jerbo, frightened his 13-year old “step-daughter” with death threats while raping her on several occasions.

Convict Jerbo was brought down guilty by jurors after trial for allegedly raping the 13-year old whom Attorney Wesseh noted still had medical problems, including bleeding and stomach problem.

By Winston W. Parley


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