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Man jailed for rape in Maryland County

Thirty-eight years old Daniel Toe has been incarcerated for allegedly raping an 11-year-old minor in Pleebo, Maryland County, aoutheast Liberia.

On Saturday, August 8, 2020, parents of the victim alerted the Women and Children Protection Section of the Liberia National Police in Pleebo that their daughter had been sexually abused by the suspect. She was immediately rushed to the Pleebo Health Center in the county where health authorities conducted examination and confirmed penetration.

Narrating the entire ordeal at her resident on Thursday, August 13, the minor said, she went to visit a friend, who is a relative to the suspect in Zone # 6, Catholic Missing.

She said while there, suspect Toe, whom she has never had prior acquaintance with, called her friend Ade, to prepare some food for him, something, which the according to her, the friend did.

The victim continued that after the food was ready,Toe ate and she and Ade decided to leave, but the suspect called her (victim) into his room and asked her for sex.

She said she vehemently refused and tried escaping from the room, but fell down at which time suspect Toe sexually abused her. According to her, she tried shouting for help, but the suspect stuffed bed sheet in her mouth, preventing her alarming.

She said her friend forcibly opened the room before Toe released her, pleading with her not to tell her parents about what had happened, as doing could land him to jail.

Though the suspect denied the allegation when he was arrested by the Liberian National Police Detachment in Pleebo, he spent a night behind bar before being forwarded to the Pleebo Magisterial Court.

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While at the Court Tuesday, August 12, the court indicated that suspect Daniel Toe committed statutory rape, which is above its jurisdiction, therefore, transferring him to the Fourth Jurisdiction Court in Harper for trial.

The crime is in violation of Section 14.70 of the Revised Rape law of Liberia which states, A person who has sexual intercourse with another (Male or Female) has committed rape if; (a)| He intentionally penetrates the Vagina, Anus, Mouth or any other opening of another person (Male or female) with his penis without the victim’s consent.

Penalties include life imprisonment or 10 years sentence, depending on gravity of the crime.

By Patrick N. Mensah, Maryland–Editing by Jonathan n Browne

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