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Man kills friend for jersey

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A 33-year-old Liberian male Wilson Gartor, has been charged by police with murder for allegedly killing victim Edison Doe Toe in a fight that erupted when the accused was confronted on claims of selling the deceased’s jersey.

Police say victim Toe, defendant Gartor and others were having fine time at an entertainment center in Fish Market Community, Sinkor on 26th June when confrontation erupted between the deceased and the suspect after a boy only identified as “Little Kollie” claimed to have bought Toe’s missing jersey from suspect Gartor.

“Accordingly, while sitting, a little boy only known as Kollie approached them with a jersey in his back bag. It was also revealed that when victim Edison Doe Toe looked in the bag, he noticed that a jersey that got missing from him long ago was in the little boy’s back bag and he [had] them seized,” the charge sheet says.

Police said they gathered during investigation that victim Toe’s inquiry from little Kollie whom he got the set of jerseys from, the lad revealed to him that they were bought from defendant Gartor. But upon making further inquiry with defendant Gartor, police say the accused replied the victim that he had no right to seize the jersey “from the children,” prompting an argument between defendant Gartor and victim Toe over the set of jerseys.

The argued reportedly intensified to the extent that the two men intended fighting, but were separated and prevented from hostile engagement. During the separation of the two men, police say defendant Gartor was taken in “the hallway,” but yet managed and passed through the back door, allegedly went behind the house and started insulting the victim’s mother.

“While still insulting the victim’s mother, the victim got up and started walking towards him with the intention of slapping him. As he [lifted] up his right hand to slap, defendant Wilson Gartor pulled a knife from his (defendant’s) side and stabbed victim Edison Doe Toe in his right chest,” police detailed.

Doctors at the John F. Kennedy Hospital in Sinkor reportedly pronounced the victim dead on arrival, when he was rushed there immediately after the incident.

By Winston W. Parley-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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