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Man Kills Girlfriend, Commits Suicide

What would cause a young man to stab his sweetheart to death before taking his own life as they rode a commercial motorcycle in Bong County remains a mystery for many persons in the county.

That’s exactly the action a man identified as Ray Parker Flomo took when he murdered his girlfriend and took his own life in what is yet the first love tragedy in Bong as the New Year unfolds.

Ray stabbed his girlfriend Patience Kollie in the neck with a 10 inches long knife in Kollieta Wolah, while they were riding a motorcycle from Palala to Gbarnga recently.
He then stabbed himself after the victim dropped helplessly.

The actual cause of Ray’s action is yet to be established, but the father of the girl told police that he had on several occasions warned the late Ray to disassociate from his daughter.

“I told him I never wanted to see him at my house or see him with my daughter, but he refused to listen to me”, he stated.

However, the father of the late Ray also informed the police that his son had a psychological problem for which he left his village to seek treatment in Gbarnga.

Mr. David Flomo said the last time he saw his son was when he left Gbarnga and went to Wainsue without his concern, adding that he (David Flomo) had to leave his town Banama to go to Wainsue to ask his son to return to Gbarnga for treatment.

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It is still unclear what the couple went for in Palala, Kpaii District before boarding a motorcycle for Gbarnga. They resided in Banama and Wainsue, respectively in Zota District prior to the incident.

However, a commercial motorcyclist, who took them for Gbarnga said the late Patience Kollie and Ray Flomo were in normal conversation on the motorbike from Palala, but as they reached Kollieta Wola he heard her shouting and fighting on the motorbike at which time she had already been stabbed with a long knife Ray took from his side.

The late Patience, 21, was seated between the motorcyclist and her boy friend. Motorcyclist Daniel Kollie further narrated that as they lost control in the traffic, the late Ray shouted “Why did you do this to me?” and then stabbed himself in the neck with the same knife about 10 inches long. The motorcyclist said he then quickly reported the incident to the police depot in Gbarnga.

A 15-member jury was subsequently set up to examine the bodies, but  while the police were about to ask for medical examination, the victims’ family members appealed to the authorities not to conduct the examination on grounds that it would be very expensive for them. They instead, requested for the bodies for burial. Meanwhile, police in Bong County are still investigating the actual cause of the incident.

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