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Man loses one eye in attack

Police in Ganta, Nimba County have arrested and charged a 36-year-oldman for allegedly removing his friend’s eye.Emmanuel Quoi, a resident of Lao Zao Town, district#8 was arrested Monday after he took a knife and dismembered the victim, identified as Diamond Nehway, 31.

The victim, currently receiving medication at the Ganta United Methodist Hospital, narrates that he and a friend were in discussion about two communities being established in Ganta with one referred to as “Work for Belleh” and the other “Gehpa” but suspect Emmanuel Quoi, apparently enraged by the assertion, suddenly joined the conversation, denying the existence of such communities thus, attacking the victim with a knife and removing his left eye.

Ganta city has a total of 28 communities, including “Work for Belleh and Gehpa Communities” which are the two oldest settlements in the commercial city. By Thomas Domah/Nimba–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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