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Man raises concern over proliferation of mineral water plastic

A Liberian man Mr. Sylvester Lawson Harmon has alarmed over the proliferation of mineral water plastic bags which has a serious impact on the environment.

Mr. Harmon told reporters on Wednesday, 30 May in Monrovia that if nothing is done to stop the production of plastic bag water, the country’s environment would be put at serious risk.

He says the production of mineral plastic bag water across the country is being carried out without any measures put in by government to ensure that such production is turned into bottled water.

According to him, it is dangerous for people who are using dirt mixed with mineral water plastics for the purpose of drying their land and filling foundations of their houses.

He notes that measures need to be taken by the relevant government agencies to protect the environment from being overwhelmed by mineral plastic bags.

However, our reporter who visited several parts of Monrovia says a lot of drainages across Monrovia are clogged due to the presence of mineral plastic bags in them.

Our reporter has visited Redlight, Old Road, Duala, Logan Town, Gardnersville, and West Point, among others and reports huge presence of mineral plastic bags.

Mr. Harmon adds that while the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) is busy combating the waste of plastic mineral, there are some Liberians also busy disposing plastic mineral bags around, thereby posing environmental danger to the soil here.

Harmon furthers that countries around the world have graduated from the production of plastic bags mineral water because of the risk it poses to the environment. There are numerous mineral water companies operating in the country, some of whom lack up to date storage facilities.

Emmanuel Mondaye–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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