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Man Rapes 85 yr.-old Grandmother

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An 85-year-old woman has been reportedly raped in Gaye Town, Gbarzon Statutory District in Grand Gedeh County in what is said to be the first ever incident in the county. The victim is said to have encountered her ordeal while asleep when an unidentified man walked into her room unsuspectingly and lie beside her in bed.

According to the victim, she suddenly awoke and noticed there was a strange sound in the room. Continuing with her narration, she said when she inquired who was beside her in bed, a male voice faked to sound younger answered with a female name.‏

The mysterious exchange aroused fear in her and she attempted to call for help, but the perpetrator allegedly shoved pieces of cloth in her month, undressed her and then abused her sexually.

The woman explained in tears that since the death of her husband about 40 years ago, she‏ has never had another relationship and managed to survive all those years as a widow through the grace of God.

Sources told this paper in Gbarzon the incident transpired on 14 October and has generated widespread consternation among the local population with calls for the perpetrator to be brought to justice.

No arrest has been reported in the county in relation to the act, but most residents seem not to be interested in discussing the issue in public due to the age of the victim and for the sake of her children in the town.

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