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Man Re-arrested for Murder

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A 37-year old man, who was incarcerated last year for his alleged role played in the death of a child but later released on bail, has been re-arrested. Otis Nananpoe was re-arrested in Cestos following the issuance of an arrest warrant by Rivercess County Attorney Stephen Kerwilliams.  Before his arrest, Otis was accompanied to Cestos City by two staff of the Chairman of the Traditional Council, Zarzar Karwah.

They were in Cestos for Otis to identify 45 persons, including Monweh District Superintendent Stanley Ben, who allegedly tortured him in the “Zoe Bush” after he was accused of involvement in the death of Jessica Tiah.

Nananpoe had earlier complained to Karwah that he lost over L$2.5m worth of assorted goods and other valuables while he was in the custody of Zoes. It was in the process of  identifying some of the 45 persons when officers of the Liberia National Police coincidentally landed him behind bars.

Last year, police in River Cess charged and sent to court Otis Nananpoe for allegedly murdering 11-year old Jessica Tiah in Boegeezay Town, Monweh Statutory District. Otis was later released on bail for litigation. Since then, the trial has been delayed.

Members of the Traditional Council of River Cess investigated the matter and found Otis guilty, but ex-communicated him. In a related development, a 33 year-old man, early this week,  attempted killing several persons in Karr Town,  Morweh Statutory District, Rivercess County.

The man, only identified as Abraham, reportedly killed one person and wounded two others seriously before shooting himself dead. The incident is reported to have occurred on Monday in the aftermath of an argument that ensued between Abraham and his peers during the late evening hours in the town.

Rhis paper’s Rivercess Correspondent quoted eyewitnesses as saying that Abraham and others were amusing themselves at a local entertainment center in the area when he was heavily criticized for an unbecoming attitude exhibited which did not befit the occasion at the time.

Harboring the belief that he (Abraham) had verbally  been offended, the accused  requested for his single barrel (gun), already loaded, w and began shooting at random, killing one person only referred to as Junior and wounding  two others whose names were not revealed to this paper.

In the aftermath of killing, the late accused (Abraham) then fled the scene to another town known as Morh where he committed suicide by shooting himself in the forehead, while the others were rushed to the Liberia Agricultural Company (LAC) Hospital for treatment. Junior was later pronounced dead.  Those wounded reported to be recuperating.

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