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Mansion or Palaver hut, McGill debunks acquisition of wealth

Minister of State Nathaniel McGill shook his head and motioned with his hands as he tried to clarify the latest allegation surrounding his display or acquisition of wealth.

His actions bagged a lot-not just explanations to provide clarity but why it always has to be him.

The subject is a beautiful little palaver hut carpeted in green with green roofing sheets supported by pillars painted in white located just a few meters over the Farmington River in Marshall.

At the entrance of the palaver hut is the number 36, and inscribed on the gate of the main entrance to the palaver hut is “VIM” Island-representing the initials of his wife-Mrs. Vivian Innis McGill.

This Palaver Hut, now at the center of an alleged show of wealth is situated at the edge of one lot of underdeveloped land fenced in a white wall.

The Allegation

There have been media reports online that the palaver hut pictured in this article is a mansion, in fact, a resort overlooking the Farmington River in Marshall. The report further alleged that it was specifically built by McGill as his wife’s 36 birthday gift.

Excerpts of the report: “Despite the challenges the country is going through where “hospitals reporting no vaccines in the country for newborn babies when public hospitals are shutting down in the country due to lack of allotment”, Mr. McGill was insensitive to the condition and has gone to the extent to” surprise his wife with a gift of a state of the art deck built in the middle of Farmington River in Marshall with a multi-million dollar estate named and styled “VIM ISLAND” at her 36th Birthday bash, claiming VIM to be an acronym for Vivian Innis McGill of building a private resort running into millions of dollars.

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So what was McGill’s explanation?

McGill, after shaking his head and motioning with his hands said the report claiming that he built a multimillion-dollar resort for his wife as her birthday gift was just not true. He argued that the property in question which is a palaver hut was constructed by his wife Vivian.

McGill put the cost of the property in question at US25, 000, which he said was purely funded by his wife and that he had no part to play in its construction.

He explained that what was so disingenuous about the allegation is that for someone to actually price the palaver hut as a multi-million dollar property speaks volume of how far people are prepared to go to malign others.

He invited this paper to go and tour the property and see if it represents the allegations being made and the insinuations being cast in the public.

What does Mrs. McGill do?

Vivian Innis McGill has been working with the UN System on a couple of projects as a development practitioner.

Her works and activities have centered on lives of women, children, disadvantaged youth and the extremely poor.

Her career path began at the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection as the Supervisor of the United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR-1325) Secretariat at the ministry. Upon completion of her graduate studies in 2016, she was seconded by the Ministry of Gender to serve as the Project Manager for the Girls Ebola Recovery Livelihood Support Project (GERLS) sponsored by the World Bank.

She currently works as the Gender Justice Specialist for the Rule of Law Program and Gender Focal Person for UNDP Liberia Country Office.

So what the point?

Well, according to McGill with the work his wife does, coupled with her experiences she is capable of erecting a US25, 000 property without a dime from his wallet.

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