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Margibi Flocks As PRS Bus-Ride Takes Central Stage

Hundreds of Margibi citizens on Tuesday trooped to the central square of Kakata City as the Liberian Youths and students’ movement officially launched the Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) Bus Tour across the Country.

As the LRDC showcased achievements of the PRS across the Country, the citizens could not withhold their excitements, but continue to say, “8 will surely hold, because there is no other person to complete what President Ellen Johnson SirleaF has started.”

Having been overwhelmed by the numerous achievements of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Unity Party (UP) led government; the citizens willingly pledged their individual votes for the second term bid of the UP flag bearer.

The PRS Bus ride is an initiative by the LRDC to identify all of the achievements of the UP government under this strategy. The bus ride is identifying successes of the strategy in the areas of health care, education, governance and the rule of law and visible and tangible infrastructure development across the 15 political subdivisions of Liberia.

It can be recalled; n 2008 the government of Liberia adopted and launched a three-year strategic development plan named and styled the PRS, a lead vehicle for the achievement of Millennium development Goals (MDGs).

Accordingly, the tour continued yesterday with several concerts and mini videos and power point presentations relating to the achievements of the UP led government through the PRS. The actions continued at Weala, salala, Totota, Gbartala, Swakoko, Gbarnga, Ganta, Kpalala and Ganta, as well as Sanniquelleh, Yekepa, Buchanan and beyond.

It is a strategic plan for Liberia’s national development in four basic areas including, peace and security, governance and the rule of law, infrastructure development and economic revitalization.

Another side of the PRS is to lift Liberia from abject poverty resulting from 14-years of human and infrastructure destruction which touched every fabric of the Country.  In a bid to ensure the success of the PRS, it has employed the full participation and contribution of all including, local, national and international partners.

Though, the PRS have had some shortfalls in term of implementations and effectiveness, it modules of involvement with every sector of the Liberian society for a success story cannot be overemphasize.

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