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Margibi leadership in court over US$1m

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As the Supreme Court of Liberia cites Margibi County authorities, excluding Senator Oscar A. Cooper, hundreds of Margibians have planned a peaceful assembly in Monrovia.

Over two hundred Margibians from various places in the county will assemble to inform the highest court they want their leaders to reverse a recent decision on a US$1 million social development fund from China Union, which they claim is against the law, according to an official of the group, Amb. Joseph Orlando Beyan.The group is under the auspices of the Margibi Citizens Alliance for Accountability and Transparency.

Mr. Beyan discloses they will quietly and peacefully carry placards to indicate to the high court their leaders made mistakes, so they want them return to the county to make a decision on the one million dollars in question.

The Supreme Court of Liberia cited the Margibi authorities following a lawsuit by Senator Oscar A. Cooper after he took an exception to a decision recently taken by the leaders in question regarding a China Union’s one million United States Dollars to the county.

According to the court, the authorities are scheduled to have a conference with Associate Justice Joseph N. Nagbe today, Wednesday, August 14, at 4:00 PM regarding Sen. Cooper’s complaint.The court further orders them to put a halt to further action surrounding the money, pending today’s conference.

The authorities, including Representative Ben A. Fofana, District#5 Representative Clarence G. Gahr; District#3 Representative Ellen AttohWreh; District#2 Representative Ivar K. Jones, District#1 Representative TilberusaTarponweh and Senator Jim W. Tornola along with Superintendent Jerry Varnie recently apportioned US$1000,000 in Monrovia on what they term development priorities in the county.

But Sen. Cooper ran to the Supreme Court to halt the process.He argues his colleagues did not only violate the budget law of Liberia, but acted against the best interest of Margibians, so they must reconsider their decision. However, the lawmakers involved say they did no wrong.

Sen. Cooper also argues his colleagues’ decision to waive huge sum of money to China Union is not in the interest of Margibians.Representative Ben A. Fofana, who is heavily blamed for the decision, bluntly defends that those who are criticizing their decision lack knowledge of the budget law.

He says their decision is based on count four of the resolution derived at the recent Margibi County Council Sitting in apportioning US$1 million from China Union.Speaking further on Sunday after a mass meeting in Kakata, Ambassador Joseph Orlando Beyan says they stand with Sen. Cooper to ensure the right thing is done. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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