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Margibi residents hail Jeety for pipe-borne water 

-During uncooked food distribution with Muslims

Inhabitants of three communities in Cinta Township of Weala District, Margibi County, have applauded Mr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva (Mr. Jeety) for the provision of pipe-borne water.

On Sunday, 16 April 2023, Mr. Jeety, India’s former Honorary Consul General to Liberia and philanthropist, led a team from the Jeety Trading Corporation on a mission to distribute uncooked food and cash at several Mosques in Weala, Margibi County, and Salala, Bong County.

During the exercise, inhabitants of Citan Township described Mr. Jeety as a humanitarian, saying he has saved lives through the provision of safe drinking water for approximately 6,000 residents.  

Jeety pictured middle in group photo

Ms. Hawa Kamara, Chairperson of the women in Weala, said Mr. Jeety has saved lives by constructing three pumps through which inhabitants get pipe-borne water.

“Water is life, you already know. And he has given us water … There was no water, to be frank. And for now, we refer to him as humanitarian for us,” said Ms. Kamara.

Meanwhile, Ms. Kamara has pleaded with Mr. Jeety to extend a similar gesture to other communities that do not have access to safe drinking water.

She said they have 32 communities, three of which she said Mr. Jeety has provided pipe-borne water for.

“So we are also asking him to extend [it] to the other communities,” she said.

Cinta Township Commissioner Roland S. Johnson told journalists that before Mr. Jeety’s intervention, residents fetched water from open-air wells for drinking and cooking.

“Water was very scarce. People used to go, there’s a well down there. People used to go to fetch water for [themselves] and their family,” said Commissioner Johnson.

Mr. Johnson estimated that about five to six thousand residents are benefiting from the pipe-borne water provided by Mr. Jeety through three pumps that he has constructed in three towns.

“Well, our people are very grateful … they are applauding Mr. Jeety because with our relationship with Mr. Jeety over the years, [it has] brought some relieve,” he added.

Mr. Jeety said his support to the people of Cinta Township is to show that the Jeety Trading Corporation is part of them.

On behalf of the Jeety Rubber Tradining Corporation which is yet to begin operation, Mr. Jeety and his delegation provided uncooked food and cash for fasting Muslims at several Mosques in Margibi and Bong Counties.

They include the Corneh Farm Mosque in Salala District, Bong County, German Camp Junction Mosque, Weala Mosque, Bolola Mosque in Cinta Township, Konola Vai Town Mosque, Vai Town Mosque, and Lango Town Mosque in Kakata, Margibi County.

The food included rice, oil, cake, some canned food and L$10,000 for each of the Mosques visited.

Mr. Jeety urged the Muslims to pray for the peace, security, stability, and progress of the country.

He said the provision of raw food was meant to help Muslim brothers and sisters in the completion of the fasting and to identify with them.

“Their prayer is not only for them, but the prayer is also for the nation. Liberia needs peace, needs progress, it needs stability,” said Jeety.

Responding for Corneh Farm Mosque, Mr. Adam Bill Corneh, a former representative of Bong County, said Jeety’s gesture is not strange to them.

Mr. Corneh declared Allah’s blessings and mercy upon Mr. Jeety, adding that his enemies should fall under his feet.

For his part, Mr. Adam Sumo thanked Mr. Jeety and his team for the donation to the Muslim Community.

He noted that whenever someone does a good for you, give them appreciation because it shows that they get you at heart.

“So we will remember you in prayer, we will remember our nation, and remember our leaders and also remember our Mosque and our Community so that we all can have progress and have peace and have harmony…,” he said.

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