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Margibi students protest at Capitol

Protesting students under the banner “Concerned Margibi University Students” or MARUSA Tuesday stormed the Capitol Building, accusing lawmakers from the county and other officials of mismanaging funds budgeted for development in Margibi.

The Secretary of MARUSA, J. Benedict Paye, told this paper during the protest that majority of the officials of Margibi County are not working in the interest of the people, particularly the student community in the county. He said the belief of the disenchanted student community is their lawmakers and officials were embezzling county funds without fear.

Mr. Paye disclosed that the student community wrote letters to each of the lawmakers and officials of Margibi County during the organization’s funds rising program that was heavily downplayed by the county authorities, including Superintendent John Buway.

“We assemble here today to inform our lawmakers that their action to consciously down play our letters, was cruel, wicked and misdemeanor in broad day light of social justice, academic freedom, we have come to remain our lawmakers that the targeted number of students we expected to be in school this second semester are not in school,” Mr. Paye lamented.

He said that the student community is calling on lawmakers of Margibi  to quickly intervene to keep the vast majority of 450 student population from the county in school. He pointed out that over US$160,000 provided by Firestone Liberia to the county annually and other entities that are operating in Margibi should always be used on university students to help build up their intellectual strength and mental capacity.

According to the spokesman for MURUSA, as a student base organization, the group is indebted to the University of Liberia in the tone of US$12,000 as fees and tuition. Mr. Paye said authorities of the University of Liberia have resolved not to do business with MURUSA until the money is paid.

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