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Margibi suffers double tragedy

-Fire guts mourners returning from burial

Residents of Electoral District# 4, Margibi County, are still grieving the loss of two persons from the same family as a result of an alleged suicide and a car accident.

By Ramsey N. Singbeh Jr., in Margibi

Margibi, Liberia, May 29, 2024 – The people of Margibi County District#4 woke up on Monday, May 27, 2024, without the slightest thought that their day would have ended with a disaster, leading to the death of two persons, including a pregnant woman.

While returning from the burial of a 44-year-old man, who allegedly committed suicide during the morning hours of May 27, family members and friends of the deceased were involved in a very serious accident that led to the death of one person and several others badly injured from the fire.

The man who killed himself was known as William Tokpah but popularly called Bainda in Kollon Village, District# 4, Margibi County.

The tragedy occurred after a two-door pickup in which family members were riding from burying the late William somersaulted when it failed to climb a hill. So many people were already making their way home to different locations from Kollon Village, where the father of seven children committed suicide.

Falling over, the vehicle instantly fell on a pregnant young lady, identified as Mama Kollie, from Sackie Gbonmon Town Community, and wounded several people also.

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As folks on the scene were trying to lift the vehicle, it burst into flames, burning several occupants onboard and killing Mama Kollie, who cried for her life until she died.

Bystanders and everyone else escaped into a nearby rubber farm when the vehicle exploded in flames, fearing for their lives.

Many people onboard the pickup suffered skin burns, losing the entire first layers of their skins.

The victims, including a sister of the late William Tokpah, who sustained severe burns, were rushed to the Kakata Health Center but were referred to another hospital immediately.

Police arrived on the scene of the accident, as the fire raged hell on the victims.

The Police established no cause for the late Bainda hanging himself with a cement bag rope tied to a wire.

A fifteen-man jury examined his body in the presence of the Police and local chiefs but reported no foul play.

The deceased had left his home early in the morning on May 27, 2024, with his working tools, creating an impression that he was reporting for work, only to be discovered later hanging on a rope in the bush at the edge of his farm.

He was first seen by his own son, who had carried their door keys sent by his wife to him as she was en route to Kakata to sell some produce from their farm.

Suddenly, everything changed around when the police and local authorities were quickly alerted about the incident.

Investigation gathered indicates that the late William had been showing strange behaviors recently but could not explain the rationale behind his actions, as he was very secretive.

Prior to Monday’s incident, he and his wife got into a serious commotion that resulted in him saying that he didn’t want the woman.

He also swore that his dead mother should take his life away if he ever reconciled with the woman.

Family members went to settle the dispute, but he repeated that he didn’t want his wife again and that his dead mother should kill him if he ever reconsidered his decision.

But after some time, he gathered people to apologize to his wife, and they found common ground. Since then, according to information, he has been behaving strangely and showing signs like someone who had seen a strange spirit or a ghost but did not speak out to anyone, not even to his wife.

Many of the people who criticized his decision blamed him for being responsible for the accident that led to the vehicle catching fire because he was in dispute with the owner of the vehicle, who also got burnt.

He had gone along with some family members and friends to sympathize with the family of the late William Tokpah.

In another development, in Margibi County District# 3, an unidentified man’s lifeless body was found on the main street of Kakata, Margibi County, on May 27, 2024.

Some residents said the deceased might have taken the drug zombie that killed him right on the main street.

Family members subsequently went to pick up his body from the street, while others said he killed himself by taking in the substance. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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