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Margibi Watch team accused of theft

The Barclay Farm Community Watch Team in the Cinta Township, Margibi County has been accused of increasing the criminal activities in the area. Speaking to this paper recently in the Barclay Farm Community, a resident said since the establishment of the watch team in the community, criminal activities have been on the increase.

Mr. Sedrick Yah accused members of the team of stealing crops, chickens and other items belonging to community dwellers over night under the guise of serving guard or protecting lives and property. Mr. Yah noted that though there were criminal activities taking place in the area, it had increased since the formation of the community watch team.

According to him, he has engaged the general supervisor of Barclay Farm Community Watch Team, Mr. Sackie Gomah  and one of his core workers on the matter, but was informed by them that there was still danger in the community and that they needed to be “eating something while working”.

Mr. Yah also said that the general town chief (not named), who was also engaged on the matter, told him that the supervisor of the team was not functioning, but sill heading the group. According to him, other community dwellers usually complain of property theft allegedly by the watch team, but to no avail.

Reacting to the allegation, the Watch Team Supervisor of the Barclay Farm Community,  Sackie Gomah described Yah as someone who has intended to tarnish the reputation of the team.  According to Mr. sackie, not a single member of his team was involved in any form of criminal activities in the area, indicating that he monitors all of the men under his control day and night.

The watch team head noted that some residents were in the habit of damaging the team’s good name, indicating a situation about lady who once cried at night in the area that criminals were spraying her window. He said when the team got to the scene, there was no indication of a spray on the window. He said their function as a community watch team was to protect lives and property.

Another member of the team, Emmanuel Dennis who resigned, has emphasized the need for the necessary materials to work with, suggesting that his resignation was prompted by the risky nature of the work.

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