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Mary Broh Axes Meat Traders

The Monrovia City Cooperation (MCC) is continuing its vigorous campaign against unpleasant environments with Monrovia.

After evicting occupants, most considered criminals, drug users and dealers from abandoned structures in the city recently, the MCC has begun the arrest of mobile roasted meat traders.

The unhygienic condition of the ‘mobile oven’ in which the meat is sold has attracted the action of Mayor Mary Broh and her MCC.

According to the MCC, the appearances of traders of the roasted meat are very untidy, while rust has over-taken the baking-pans and wheelbarrows, making the food itmes unpleasant for human consumption.

During the campaign, Mayor Broh ordered the arrest and cuffing of one of the Fula meat traders believed to a Malian national for not keeping himself and the oven clean to sell such food for consumption in Monrovia.

He was then turned over to the sanitation department of City Corporation in the presence of the Liberia National Police and personnel of the National Security Agency.

As Mayor of Monrovia, she vowed not to be complacent in ‘dealing’ with individuals and traders who ignore hygiene in food trade in the city, committing the MCC to a more effective drive towards restoring sanitation in the city. Mamadee Jalloh, the arrested roasted meat trader, who could not speak good English, begged for mercy and release.

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Meanwhile, the Acting Mayor of Monrovia has urged Immigration Authorities in the country to exercise the highest degree of care in regulating the entry and activities of aliens.

She also challenged the Commerce Ministry to monitor those given licenses to do business here. She noted that while she doesn’t harbor malice against aliens in Liberia, they must be fair in their trade just as they behave in their respective countries.

“Liberians are not dirty people; so, people shouldn’t come from their countries and just be soiled and begin to sell food for our people to eat.

“Our people know how to prepared food in Liberia, and because we want people who sell food to our people to be decent, we will get rid of all of these funny looking shops with lappas hanging to the doors, calling themselves food centers.,” she noted.

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