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Maryland: Fire guts 5-bedroom House

By Patrick N. Mensah, Maryland county

Just days after the burial of the late Samakolo, a resident of Maryland county, a fire gutted his a five-bedroom house in Pleebo, Electoral District#2, southeast Liberia.

The fire occurred on Monday, April 11, 2022, leaving several tenants displaced and properties damaged.

Speaking to this paper during the incident, several residents around the damaged house regretted the situation, which they attributed to electrical shocks or negligence, though the actual cause of the fire is yet to be established.

Sources added that there had been electrification works carried out in rooms of some tenants, who were out with their doors locked when smoke emitted from the rear of the house.

The smoke subsequently resulted in blazing flames that community dwellers tried offing but couldn’t, until the entire five-bedroom house, including personal effects burnt to ashes.

Residents said though others may have termed the situation as a witch-haunt, the actual cause of the fire could likely be a result of poor wiring.

They said although the sons and daughters of the damaged house haven’t spoken, the situation is worrisome, as they are still mourning the death of their father.

“We thank God although the house got burned, but nobody died from the incident”, they expressed.

A male tenant only identified as Omadu, who is a local tailor in Pleebo, said it was regrettable to have seen all of his materials in the house consumed by the fire, but is grateful for his life.

“Let me thank Allah for everything today, I could’ve died in this situation, who knows? Although it’s painful to lose everything once there is life, there is still hope” Omadu said.

“Let me say the actual cause of this fire still looking surprising to me because I was in the shop working on some people’s clothes when the fire started from the back though, we have tried to stop it from extending to others part of the building but it was difficult.”

He lamented that he lost several materials in the fire, including three design machines, four ordinary machines, monies, and clothes, among others.

Tele Wada Appleton, a resident of Zone#7, who assisted greatly in controlling the fire from extending to surrounding homes, said it’s regretting that counties in the southeastern region lack fire trucks.

He stressed that in as much as citizens are encouraging development such as electricity and road connectivity, amongst others, fire disasters should also be observed by the government.

“As you can see, there are houses side this building, if nothing had been done, it could’ve caused more regrets for families because since this situation started, regrettably, we have not seen any member of the Liberia National Fire Service”, he pointed out.

Although the actual cause of the fire is still unknown, some members of the Liberia Electricity Corporation in the county expressed disappointment.

They disclosed that several LEC customers in the county often failed to contact the corporation whenever they have electrical problems, rather, preferring to call private individuals that claim to be electricians.

They said that the LEC Maryland station does not have the capacity to provide homes for the victims, but cautioned residents to learn from such mistakes and report any problem to the corporation.

On Saturday, June 12, 2021, a four-bedroom apartment owned by one Prince Baker was gutted by fire in Pleebo, leaving several tenants displaced and properties damaged. The issue of fire management is a nightmare for the people of Maryland County. Editing by Jonathan Browne


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