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Mass Demonstration in Gbarnga

A group of students of the Bong County Technical College, as well as some citizens of the County are expected to hold a peaceful demonstration to express their dissatisfaction over the prolong delay in the completion of the college main building.

According to the students and citizens, their leaders have refused to complete the building since November 2010 despite millions of dollars spent on the project. One of those organizing the demonstration – Samuel Elliott, told our Bong County correspondent that they would march through the principal streets of Gbarnga onto the Gbarnga Administration Building where they would present a position statement to the local county leadership.

Mr. Elliott said citizens of Bong County and students of the college were tired of the continuous rhetoric from their leaders, as they have used the college as a political tool in the past elections. Earlier this month, the Chairman of the Bong County Legislative Caucus, Senator Henry Yallah told students and a cross section of citizens that work would have resumed on the college on August 15 – an assurance yet to yield result.

The students and citizens said their peaceful demonstration will begin in Gbarnga and might extend to the Capitol Building in Monrovia, if nothing is done by Bong County Lawmakers to resume work on the Bong County Technical College complex still under construction.

Since the planned peaceful demonstration was announced, many citizens have welcomed the idea, expressing the hope that it remains peaceful as planned. The Bong County Technical College is currently renting the high school facilities of the United Methodist run- William V.S Tubman Gray High School in Gbarnga, where there are complaints of lack of space to host students and essential equipment the school has purchased. By Papa Morris from Gbarnga, Bong County – Edited by George Barpeen

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