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MCC stresses peace for development

The City Government of Monrovia calls on Liberians to see peace as a gateway to national development, while seeking collective effort in its drive towards a systematic waste management in the city.

Delivering a special Easter message on behalf of Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee, the Director General for Internal Operations of the City Government of Monrovia Mr. Cain Prince Andrews, reminds Liberians that Easter is a time Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who offered himself as a sacrifice for the remission of the sins of the world.

Speaking Sunday at program marking the Inter-Faith Easter Lunch held at the Monrovia City Hall, Mr. Andrews calls for ”religious tolerance, unity and responsible citizenship.”

The Easter lunch is part of the Monrovia City Government’s integrated citizens approach aimed at promoting diversity through religious, ethnic-politico, tribal and socio-cultural tolerance. It is an event intended to allow Liberians from diverse background to sit together, reflect on the historical antecedent and pray for the betterment of the Motherland.

The event brought together religious leaders comprised of Christians and Muslims, among others. It was also attended by senior officials of government, representatives of foreign missions in Liberia, international partners, the business community, leaders of political parties, trade unions and other associations.

The Interfaith Easter Lunch was held under the theme, “Religious Tolerance, Unity and Responsible Citizenship”.

Mr. Andrews notes that Christ’s resurrection is a testimony of the new covenant that is a justification for Christians’ commemoration of the triumph of life over death, freedom over bondage and hope over despair, especially at this time when Liberia needs God most for an unhindered national healing.

“When nations of the World and cities within nations are celebrating and dedicating their achievements and development gains to the Lord, we in Monrovia, Liberia should be doing the same and even more rather than fermenting conflicts that would degenerate into backwardness and setbacks that will pivot on the suffering of our people, especially so when we should be very grateful and feel blessed for the breath of life provided us,” he adds.

He says the City Government of Monrovia joined Christians during the Easter in an act of oneness and divine worship.

“We have come, like all other God-fearing people, to join in an act of prayer, renewal and rededication.”

The MCC Director General for Internal Operations continues the City Government of Monrovia chose to put God first in everything, so they will glorify him daily at all levels of their undertakings and initiatives.

“In our continuous prayers for institutional reforms, peace, prosperity and development of Monrovia, the Almighty God had been blessing us in unaccountable ways. Apart from looking up to the central government and international partners for everything, the City Government of Monrovia under the effective stewardship of Honorable Jefferson T. Koijee as Mayor, had been on the right trajectory of networking internally and externally for Monrovia’s growth and sustainability.”

Last year 2018, the Monrovia City Government hosted a Ramadan dinner in honor of the Islamic faith in observance of the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan. A feat the City Government vows to continue. By Lewis S. Teh–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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