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McGill fights back

Smarting under US sanction with reputations in ruins amidst various forms of attacks, former Minister of State Nathaniel F. McGill is fighting back to redeem himself.

In a statement posted on his social media page, Mr. McGill alarmed that some unscrupulous individuals have creative fake Facebook and WhatsApp accounts with the intent of smearing him and dragging him further down the mud.

The sanctioned former minister said efforts are being applied to ensure that those fake pages are taken down.

“Please be informed that there are fake Facebook and WhatsApp accounts being opened in my name. The contents on those pages do not represent my person. We are working to ensure that those pages are taken down”, said McGill.

According to him, there are several fake accounts created with his name accompanied by his photos by some unknown individuals with criminal intentions.

The accounts in question have the actual photographs of the former minister and his profile, which according to him are being used to carry out various kinds of criminal acts including soliciting money in exchange for favor, posting inciting statements to attack high-profile individuals in the country, and statements with the propensity to cause chaos and disharmony.

The current profile of McGill which he says is authentic carries his name “Hon. Nathaniel F. McGill” with a photograph of him dressed in a red T-Shirt, a red cap and a pair of light blue jeans trousers walking with supporters behind him.

The Cover photo page has a mugshot photo of him dressed in white shirt, red necktie and a navy-blue jack with the flag of Margibi County and Team McGill.

The post by Mr. McGill has since attracted different comments with some empathizing with him, while others urged him to be careful.

This is not the first time McGill has raised an alarm about his profile being used by unscrupulous individuals. Before his sanction, McGill reported that his name and position were being used to defraud people.


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