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MCSS remains committed to its priorities

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-Superintendent Jacobs

Barley few days after President George M. Weah expressed serious disappointment about poor conditions of public schools in Monrovia, the Superintendent of the Monrovia Consolidated School System (MCSS) Benjamin Jacobs, says he will uphold the dignity of all government-run institutions under the System.

“We the authorities at the MCSS, and all those government-run institutions remain committed to providing quality education to students across this country “, Superintendent Jacobs vows, and adds, “We pledge our commitment to working with the Government of Liberia to put the education sector on the right path.”

Appearing on OK Fm 99.5, early this week, Jacobs said he is deeply concerned about the President’s disappointment, and disclosed authorities of the Ministry of Education and the MCSS are putting in serious measures to avoid a reoccurrence of what President Weah saw during a recent tour of several public schools in Montserrado County and its environs.

He says the leadership of the MCSS is working with all principals, including schools administrators to ensure a conducive learning environment in the county and rest of Liberia.

He says the MCSS, under his able leadership is well on course and supporting government’s efforts towards providing safe atmosphere for students across the country, adding that based on needs some times transfers are done. “If you strengthen one school and set it up the way the module is done, than it puts you in a difficult position to do another.”

Jacobs explains the MCSS is a consolidated school system that has its own structure of governance, management, and operation that include hiring process and administration, among others, but says in the midst of all challenges the institution will continue to live up to its priorities by providing the enabling environment for students to acquire requisite knowledge.

It may be recalled here that President George Weah rebuked his Minister of Education and the head of the Monrovia Consolidated School System for the filthy and unsanitary conditions of public high schools across Montserrado County and further threatened to dismiss them when he sees it necessary.

The President, during a surprise tour to government-operated schools in Monrovia and its suburbs, was shocked and in disbelief when he saw students attending classes in poor sanitary and impoverished environment. Some areas he visited had filthy bathrooms, leaky roofs, and unconducive classrooms.

“I am very disappointed in school authorities. I am so shocked to see students learning in such a poor state without the authorities doing anything about it. The education authorities are wrong to allow students to attend class in such a poor condition.

They are wrong and, these issues are something that they should have taken care of. I wonder we can think about our own children seeing these things,” President Weah said regrettably.

President Weah immediately ordered the Minister of Finance to purchase 1,000 arm chairs for public schools, saying it was unacceptable for students to sit on the floor in class.

By Lewis S. Teh–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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