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MCSS Supt. clarifies

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe Superintendent of the Monrovia Consolidated School System or MCSS, Adolphus Benjamin Jacobs, has reacted allegations against him by the teachers protesting for his removal, describing one of such allegations.

That he did not have a master’s degree as baseless.

In an interview with reporters Thursday in Sinkor, Mr. Jacobs said no one gets appointed to the position of superintendent without a master’s degree, further clarifying that he posses all of the qualifications to be MCSS Superintendent.

He said because most of the teachers were corrupt, they feel embarrassed to work with someone (like him) with principles, noting that they always want to have their own ways- something he has refused to condone in the school system.

According to Mr. Jacobs, the leader of the protesting group of teachers, Henry Weyea, was once President of the Teacher’s Association, was the first to be sacked since his two years because he did not take his job seriously.

He added that because Mr. Henry was dismissed, he’s being influenced by his anger to incite other teachers against the MCSS.

He noted that the issue of salaries of teachers as raised in the teachers’ allegations was not within his purviews, but the sole responsibility of the Civil service Agency or CSA.

Meanwhile, several Ebola protective materials are being distributed among all schools, including private schools.

The materials were brought in country by the United Nations Children Agency, UNCEF and other partners to benefit 5000 schools, according to the MCSS Superintendent.

He further said there’s nothing to stop him from doing what is right. saying he will continue to take measures to enhance his work.

He also assured that there will be no make-ups in schools, stressing that this year is a very serious year to improve the school system.

By Rewina Juduh

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