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MCSS teachers to benefit scholarship-Superintendent Zawolo

By Kruah Thompson 

The Superintendent of the state-run Monrovia Consolidated School System (MCSS) Isaac Saye-Lakpoh Zawolo, reveals here that for the first time in the history of MCSS, the administration will allocate US$10,000 annually for teacher’s development.

The money will be used to offer scholarships to teachers aimed at stimulating and refining their credentials as they continue to impart knowledge to students across the country.

Addressing the Ministry of Information weekly press briefing recently in Monrovia, Superintendent Zawolo further revealed that he assumed office with five-count strategic goals that he intends to use as tools in transforming the atmosphere of learning at the System.

The goals, he explained, include academic excellence, operating under a safe, secure, and supportive environment, organizational efficiency, community school corporate relationship, and teachers’ welfare.

However, Mr. Zawolo noted that teachers are the center focus of his operations and for this reason, a meeting has been held with the Dean of the African Methodist Episcopal University on Camp Johnson Road in Monrovia to reaffirm an MOU signed with the University to empower MCSS teachers.

He said through the meeting, both parties agreed that several MCSS teachers at the primary and (ECB) levels should enroll at the AME University starting September 2022.

“All they have to do is sit and pass the University entrance exams and get enrolled; they don’t have to pay a dime.” He added.

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Already, Supt. Zawolo said he has instructed his Assisting Superintendent to begin a preparatory process that would enable teachers to get ready for the next entrance and placement exam at the University.  

Zawolo said as a Mathematics Professor himself, he will personally prepare his teachers for the entry and placement exam as well as ensure they make a pass and enroll at the institution. 

In his quest to promote academic excellence in all MCSS schools, he promised that by 2028 no teacher of the System with credentials below bachelor’s degree will be allowed to teach.

“I believe that only people with bachelor’s degrees should be teaching our children and that is the standard we are setting and that is the standard we will work towards.” 

He continued that under the same academic excellence program, MCSS wants to ensure teachers are supported through their work, and in order to do so, for the first time in Liberia, the administration will initiate a teacher’s award exercise.

“We will be honoring the best teacher’s awards, the best principle, the best caretaker, the best security, and the best office staff awards. And also we will be recognizing the best student, the best debater, the best student-athlete and the best drama person, among others.”

Prof. Zawolo said besides, he has fenced four schools under the safe and supporting environment strategy.

He noted that before then, tricycles and bike raiders would at any time drive through campuses of those schools, while students are in devotion.

.”I’m one of the people that has come to fight for children and I will do everything in my power to fight for children.” He noted 

Also under the same save and supporting school environment strategy, he claims it is not only restricted to the physical structure of the schools, but it extends to what goes on within the school.

He also announced zero tolerance for sex for grade or harassment of students through whatever means and disclosed that one teacher was penalized for allegedly coercing a student to have sex in exchange for grades.

He narrated that after investigation proved that the accused teacher committed the act, the administration was left with no other choice but to dismiss him.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/pres-weah-appoints-new-supt-for-mcss/ Editing by Jonathan Browne

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