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MECEPER honors Senate Pro Tempore

A non-governmental and non-political organization Media Center for Policy Evaluation and Research (MECEPER) has honored Senate Pro Tempore Armah Z. Jallah for his progressive leadership style demonstrated in the Liberian Senate over the past years.

During the event on Tuesday, 5 December, MECEPER National Coordinator T. Michael Jonny said the prestigious award given Sen. Jallah is the first since the establishment of the organization in 2016 by group of professional journalists in Liberia, the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

He says Sen. Jallah was selected after vigorous evaluation process based on his commitment to duty and service to humanity nationwide.‘’Your leadership style has brought great redemption to the dangling image of the Senate as a result of divisive politics which has torn the Senate apart prior to your ascendency,’’ Jonny notes.

He says it speaks volume of Pro Tempore Jallah’s preparedness to accelerate his political ambition to another higher office, considering his ability to contain 29 Senators without noise in the midst of competing priorities and limited resources to adequately respond to constituencies’ demands.

The group describes Sen. Jallah as an icon of peace and a beacon of hope for the student community, less fortunate kids, as well as single mothers and old folks.

In response, Pro Tempore Jallah says the organization has done a great job, pledging his support in working with the organization. He says the as politicians, they have some shortfalls and what he wants the organization to do is to outline their shortfall and what they think could be the solution to those problems and how it can help move the country forward.

MECEPER is composed of media executives who have seen the need to move the profession of journalism from mere news reporting to scrupulous evaluation of public policies by measuring its proportional benefit to the society.

By Bridgett Milton

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