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Meddling in Liberian politics?

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At the time the prices of basic commodities are skyrocketing with a major election in just four months, the Hindu Society mostly Indian businessmen have launched a massive honoring program for high profiled government officials here.

The honorees included President George Weah, his vice Jewel Howard Taylor, House Speaker Bhofal Chambers and Senate Pro-tempore Albert Chie all of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

Among the high profiled guests only House Speaker Bhofal Chambers showed up in person videoed live as he entered the Shree Geeta Ashram Temple as a King, while Vice President Taylor sent a proxy.

The Rector and General Manager of the Hindu Society/Faith, businessman Manoj Kumar Vatwani said it was time for the Indian Hindu Community in Liberia to build bridge with Liberian politicians as he introduced the program, which was held on Sunday August 16, 2020.

In a prepared statement which was published in few local dailies, he said“our love and commitment to the President are once more hardened by his show of love and concern for us, and we want to pledge unbinding faith in his leadership and ability to lead the country in a more positive and prosperous direction,”.

“We wish to pledge renewed commitment to his Leadership, working along with you for infrastructural development, human capacity building and economic growth,” the statement noted.

However, since the ceremony there has been mixed view about the rationale behind the Indian Hindu Community having such an elaborate ceremony to honor ruling party officials.

Council of Churches
The head of the Liberian Council of Churches Bishop Kortur Brown who appears mindful to speak on the issue could only hope that the ceremony was for non-commercial and political interest.

Liberian law forbid foreigners injecting money into the campaign activities of political parties or individual aspiring for political positions here.

It’s an inducement
The political leader of the Vision for Liberia Transformation Party (VOLT), Dr. Jeremiah Z. Whapoe described the honoring ceremony by men who are all business people as an inducement. He says it’s just a way of showing appreciation to the economy hardship being impose on Liberians by the Weah-led regime.

Dr. Whapoe lamented that it is unthinkable for Liberians to be crying for high commodity prices being charge by business people here and yet some of these very businesses are bold enough to be honoring the very government for a job well done.

Dr. Whapoe noted that it is another form of meddling in the Liberian politics and blame the Weah regime for sanctioning such acts.

A member of the Liberian Bar Association said from a moral stand point and looking at the Liberian environment such honoring program by a foreign group, mostly business people here is tantamount to meddling in the Liberian political affairs especially at such a time.

But the Secretary General of the LNBA, Cllr. Bobby Livingstone said from his point of view, he could not establish any wrong doing due to the information that was made available to him as at the time of the interview.

However, the Leader of the One People Revolutionary Movement(OPRM), Moncio Robert Wilmot Kpadeh (Sage) The move by the Hindu Priest cum businessman is saddled by dishonesty and appears to be a cunning attempt to curry favor from the corrupt ruling gang and its officials.

“It marvels me that a man of God, as he claims, will be honouring corrupt and disreputable elements who are famous for subjugating the poor Liberian masses to deeper humiliation and misery,” Mr. Kpadeh noted.

“Hindu is a find religion that, models humanity, dignity, probity and justice. It doesn’t covet or tolerate corruption, injustice and barbarity. Hence, I am stunned and chilled in my spirit that the man who represents such a fine religion here in Liberia will choose to misrepresent the religion and contradict its grandeur values and teachings,” he continues.

I should inform you that I spent some incredibly wonderful time with my Indian-Hindu friends while studying in England. I also prayed with them many times. The religion is very decent and it emphasizes humanity, morality and honesty to the fullest extent. I love and honour religion and I love the people who practice it.

This Hindu priest is merely seeking patronage in a bid to expand and solidify his business interest in Liberia. It is not only a shame and a sham for him to postulate that Liberia is well-governed under the current ruling establishment, and the peace is being sustained, but such statement is a brazen falsehood which has zero reliance in the unfolding socio-economic state of the country.

How can the Hindu Priest cum businessman claim that Liberia is governed well when the misrule of the country is glaring in his very eyes? What lens is he looking through? The lens of vested business interest or the lens of truth and humanity?

I can only say the Hindu Priest cum businessman is only on a fishing expedition to savage his vested business interest, and that is very disconcerting, disdainful, disingenuous, obnoxious and counterproductive to the philosophy of Hinduism. And trust me, I will report him to my good India Hindu friends in England,” Mr. Kpadeh concluded.

-Indian Hindu church honor politicians

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