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Media Firm Solemnly Recalls Tragic Death of “EXECUTIVE HORN”

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Wednesday February 10 marks the Second Anniversary of the tragic death of Mr. Gabriel Nyantie Wilson referred to in presidential circles as: “EXECUTIVE HORN”. Gabriel died in a motor accident while returning from an official duty in Bong County with President George Weah on Sunday, February 10, 2019, Media Hub Liberia, a Liberian-own media firm solemnly recalls Gabriel’s demise because he propagated and inspired the practice of art and culture through his devotion to hooting the traditional horn even at the Presidency of the Country, unhindered. In this regard, the media firm compliments President George Weah for retaining the tooting of the horn whenever he addresses public functions. If he disparaged the horn and the message it conveys, he would have stopped Gabriel and even his successor, Nathaniel Sie-Payne from honking the traditional communication instrument after him everywhere he goes.

On Saturday, March 23, 2019, Media Hub Liberia and the Ministry of Information Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) placed Gabriel’s relics in the National Museum on Broad Street. To date, Gabriel’s eulogy, the fragments of the Horn he hooted after Presidents of Liberia, his costume, utensils as well as a copy of the 2012 edition of the a monthly magazine called: “EXECUTIVE HORN” published by the Ministry of State are currently on display at the Museum. The purpose for depositing the relics in the Museum is to enable generations unborn to appreciate the work he has done, and to be inspired to do likewise.

Depositing the relics at the Museum, Media Hub Liberia Chief Executive Officer, Weah Karpeh and MICAT’s Assistant Information Minister for Culture, Madam Margaret Cooper Frank said the late horn tooter did not only bring the traditional horn to limelight but also to the level of national politics. Assistant Minister Frank and CEO Karpeh said Gabriel will be remembered for his invaluable contribution to the promotion of the practice of art and culture, and to the State.

In their remarks, the Ambassador of Sweden Ingrid Wetterqvist and the former Ambassador of Ghana Ernest-Burke Asare Asiedu respectively said Gabriel was a symbol of the culture of Liberia, and that the recognition accorded him manifested the meaningful contribution he made to the State. The diplomats said his deeds will long be remembered for upholding the culture of his Country. On their part, Grebo Elder, and former Maryland County Superintendent, Wah-Mle Elliott and the Wilson-family spokesperson, Sie-Teba Neufville said the traditional horn was used to motivate warriors during the tribal wars. To date, it inspires Presidents of Liberia in the performance of their duties.

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